Three Activities Mother and New Baby can do Together

Activities to do with new baby; meet other momsThe joy of motherhood is a joy that every mother will cherish for a lifetime. But what about stages in motherhood where you want to go out with your new baby and meet other Moms? You may feel you are stuck in a cycle of baby feeding, baby changing and feel you cannot get out of the cycle. There comes a time in every new mother’s life that dad goes back to work and she is at home all day with this little person. What does she do now? The bonding process has begun at this stage, but now is the time to strengthen it even more. This is a mother’s time to love and be loved by the one person that was formed inside of her. At the same time cooing at your new baby is not the same as adult conversation so why not combine both!

1.  Mothers can begin by going to a local park and enjoying a nice walk and getting some fresh air. There are always other mothers at parks with their children as well, so there is time to get acquainted with some new friends that you have many things in common with. Enjoy a nice walk with your baby in the carriage and you can walk off some of the added baby weight as well. When the walk is complete, lay out a blanket and enjoy some mommy and baby times while you do some baby stretches and exercises? Invite another mother to sit with you and share ideas and passions over the babies. You can get the best advice from other mothers and share any problems or stresses.

2.  Another great place to spend some bonding time with your new little one and meet mothers with the same interests is the swimming pool. This is also great light exercise for you. There are instructors that specialize in teaching baby swimming classes. Here there will always be mothers ready and eager to talk and share ideas that may or may not have worked for them. All the while your baby is learning how to swim at a very young age. Could you imagine your baby swimming in a pool so young? Floating can be extremely relaxing for babies, so why not make them water babies as soon as possible? These classes are usually held at local pools or gyms; check with your city office for details depending on your location.

3.  Going to baby massage classes are also a fantastic way to bond with your baby through eye contact and touch. Also, there have been studies which show that baby massage can also help new mothers who are suffering with post natal depression. The massaging action reduces any stress hormones and leaves new mothers feeling happier. Baby massage classes are a nice relaxing experience for both baby and Mom. You are showing your baby how to relax while you relax at the same time! Again, there will be other new moms there to chat with too.

Whether it is in the park, the pool, at a coffee shop or even at a play date for infants, make sure that you take the time to socialize with your baby. You will be raising a better rounded and secure child and your work will definitely be rewarded.

catherine - mommy bloggerGuest blog written by Catherine.
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