Weaning Baby Off Pacifier / Binky

Pacifier-Weaning-BabyThe dreaded time has come to wean the little man off of his beloved binky (or binkies due to his large stash around the house). He is now 18 months and ADDICTED to this little piece of silicone. You may ask: “Why did you decide to wean him now?” Well that has been such a hard decision. It makes him so happy, and anytime he’s upset, all we have to do is pop the binky in his mouth and poof! Happy baby! But the pediatrician said he needed to be off of it by 13 months, and the dentist says he needs to be off of it by 2 years old. That made my mind up. Two years old was the goal. But then we started to notice the dreaded “binky teeth.” His top teeth were starting to buck and although we have been told by friends (and the dentist) that they go back once the binky goes away, we didn’t want to risk it. So the infant binky weaning process started.

My husband and I decided to start the weaning by only taking away the beloved binky during the day and still letting him have it during sleep time. This was mainly due to the binky helping him sleep through the night because he can put himself back to sleep.

Day 1 operation infant binky weaning: I found one binky and sliced it with a knife in two spots. Then I went around the house and car and found all the binkies I could and hid them when “A” wasn’t looking (I did leave his Wubbanub – a binky with a stuffed animal attached to it – in his crib). When he asked for his “baby” (what “A” calls his binky), I handed him the sliced one. He tried for about 10 minutes to suck on it, but I don’t think he was able to get a good suck. Then he gave up, threw it on the ground, and went on his merry way. This happened multiple times throughout the day. Then, when he was able to use his Wubbanub during nap-time and bedtime, he was very pleased.

Day 2 and 3 operation binky wean: “A” barely asked for his binky. When he did, he always got the sliced binky, and I got the same reaction: He would say “yuck” and throw it down. I thought he would scream and throw a tantrum, but nothing. He just got over it.

Now it’s been about 2 weeks and he doesn’t ask for his binky at all during the day. (Except a couple days when he had an ear infection and even the binky didn’t make him happy). When we pick him up out of his crib, he knows that he has to put his binky away, and throws it in his bed before we leave his room.

The next step is to completely take it away from him at night. He really doesn’t suck on it at night or nap-time, just when he is falling asleep. AND…. we have already noticed his teeth straightening out. We actually see his teeth more when he smiles because they aren’t bucked. I’m proud of myself for sticking with it and being consistent with not giving “A” his binky. There are many times that it would have been so easy to just give in and give it to him during one of his many “I’m almost two and want my way” tantrums. But I didn’t, and now he knows the binky is not an option during the day. I know there are many other ways to wean your child from their pacifier, but I am glad a friend suggested this way to me. It was less painful than expected. But I still have the nighttime weaning. The plan is to take it away during nap-time, and then try night time. I’m hoping that it will be easy because he doesn’t need it anymore. Wish me luck!

swaddle baby Written by Melanie Chiappini from Mom Made Easy.

I’m currently a stay at home mom and LOVING it! My son AJ is 17 months old and always on the move. Before my husband and I started our family, I taught kindergarten and first grade for 8 years and have a current Arizona early childhood education certificate. I love spending time with my family and finding new activities to participate in.

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