10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas Parents Will Love

New babies are a big celebration! It’s always to fun throw or attend a baby shower. They’re great opportunities for moms to get ready for their new little one, and all the presents help make parenthood a lot easier. When there’s so many items to choose from, finding the perfect gift can be hard. You want to get something she’ll actually use, but also something no one else has thought of. Be creative and unique with one of these top 10 baby shower gifts that parents absolutely love.

1. Nizo Wear Nursing Bras

Nizo Wear nursing bras feature a unique patented pocket in the pull down flap that can hold a warm or cool pack. The pocket acts as a thin barrier between wearer’s skin and the heating or cooling pack, which increases comfort and safety. The Nizo Wear design has removable molded pads held securely in place in the pocket, for added lining when you want it (to hide nipples, breast pads, light leaks), and the ability to take it out when you don’t. In addition to the innovative functionality, Nizo Wear is made from amazingly soft fabrics, pretty prints, and shapely lines to help moms feel stylish and good again.

Nizo Wear nursing bras currently come in three feminine styles: the Serenity Nursing Bra, Solace Nursing Bra, and the Allure Nursing Bra.

$19.99 – $29.99


nursing bras

2. Babee Covee

The Babee Covee is a convertible baby blanket and cover that has six uses in one! This mom made and award-winning must-have baby gear eliminates the need to buy, pack and carry bulky single purpose items while protecting baby/toddler from germs where ever you go; no more overflowing diaper bag, no more blanket falling off the car seat, and no more germs on publicly shared items!

The Babee Covee can be used as: 1) car seat canopy cover, 2) stroller cover/blanket, 3) shopping cart cover, 4) high chair cover, 5) nursing cover, and 6) playtime blanket. Winner of the 2013 Huggies MomInspired Award!

$39.99 – $49.99


convertible baby blanket and cover

3. Little Toader AppeTEETHERS

Teething is one of the most painful development processes for babies and is just as tough on parents. AppeTEETHERS are patented silicone teething toys free of BPA, Phthalate, PVC and lead. They provide the perfect amount of resistance to sooth babies’ sore gums, and best of all the cute one-of-a-kind designs will surely make you chuckle because they look exactly like real food! The current line includes Chompin’ Chicken Wing, Baby-Q Rib, Ice Cream U Scream, Nopainapple, LOL! Sucker and Broccoli Bites. This gift is not only useful, it’s sure to get a laugh out of mom and dad!



silicone teething toys

4. Wee Urban BiBsie Collection

Wee Urban offers contemporary, eco-friendly gear and apparel for baby and toddler. They combine modern yet practical designs, quality fabrics and ethical practices for a truly unique line that redefines urban design.

Wee Urban’s BiBsie Collection is made from the softest organic cotton and is a long sleeved onesie paired with an adorable matching, reversible bib. Generous in length and rich in color (will hide the stains) and screen printed with the highest quality phthalate free inks means longer wear and superior washability. Available in gender neutral Owls, Monkey and in two colors of Giraffes!

$49.99 – $54.99


organic clothing for kids

5. Baby J Play Mat

This perfect play mat was designed for the germ-a-phobe mom who always wants a clean area for their little one. The play mat is crafted with vibrant and colorful, 100% cotton, designer fabric and super plush minky. It’s comfy and cozy for any new baby, and great for tummy time. It measures 29″x35″ and features a Velcro closure that ensures one side stays clean and sanitary, and always stays compact and folded up in your diaper bag.



padded play mat

6. San Diego Bebe Eco-Nursing Pillow

Don’t feel chained to home because you are breastfeeding. With this nursing pillow moms can privately and comfortable nurse where ever and whenever! The mom invented and multiple-award winning San Diego Bebe(R) Eco-Nursing Pillow offers support, comfort, and discretion for mom and baby.

For those times when mothers have no other option but to breastfeed in public, the San Diego Bebe(R) allows for modesty with its built-in Privacy Cover(TM) providing complete discretion while nursing. The cover’s lightweight mesh construction allows continuous airflow, keeping mom and baby comfortable. San Diego Bebe(R)’s signature Comfort Bolster(TM) wraps around the outside of the pillow for added security. San Diego Bebe(R) has an angled top surface and detachable back pillow for optimal support and comfort. It is available in a variety of chic colors and plush fabrics. Option for one baby or for twins to feed two babies simultaneously!

$59.99 – $79.99


discretion while nursing


7. PullyPalz

PullyPalz are the first ever baby toys that actually help babies retrieve their own pacifiers! They’re interactive and entertaining to keep baby distracted and helpful for parents who no longer have to play the “pacifier game.” The innovative and developmentally beneficial toy keeps pacifiers in view and in reach to keep them clean. PullyPalz hold most pacifiers and attach to baby carriers, bouncers and more. Winner of the 2013 Huggies MomInspired Award!



pacifier holder

7. Woombie Air Baby Swaddle

The Woombie Air is the safest and most effective baby swaddle that requires no wrapping. It’s the first breathable baby swaddle that regulates baby’s body temperature by allowing excess heat to escape. All you do is put baby in and zip up; the unique peanut-shaped swaddle gently cocoons baby and the 4-way stretch bebeflex(TM) fabric enables baby to move naturally which helps protect against hip dysplasia. Baby’s arms are not pinned to the side; prevents overheating; and no worries of dangerous, lose blankets unraveling and covering baby’s face. The Mom/Nurse invented Woombie Air re-creates the security and comfort baby felt in the womb and promotes longer periods of sleep from birth to 6 months (or when baby begins to roll).



baby swaddle

9. Baby Elephant Ears

Baby Elephant Ears is a multi-use headrest providing spinal/neck alignment and comfort for babies — and they’re designed to look like adorable elephant ears! Baby Elephant Ears go wherever baby goes — stroller, swing, carseat, changing table, etc. The headrests are fully washable and require no attachments, straps or special skills and they’re offered in diverse prints and organics. The superior design and durability of these headrests make them the perfect baby shower present for parents! Winner of the 2013 Huggies MomInspired Award



baby headrest

10. Baby Dipper Bowl

The Baby Dipper bowl makes one-handed feeding of babies and toddlers easy for parents. Parents can use their free hand to clean or entertain baby or to keep baby’s hands out of the bowl. Toddlers can see through the transparent sides of the bowl and concentrate on getting the food onto their spoons and into their mouths. All users of the Baby Dipper feeding set avoid the frustrations of chasing the food around the bowl and the bowl around the table. Winner of the 2013 Huggies MomInspired Award!



no slip baby bowl

nursing brasGuest blog by Nicole Zoellner from NizoWear.com 

Nizo Wear is the first nursing bra to have a unique, patented pocket in the pull-down flap that can hold a heating or cooling pack helping bring moms relief and healing faster while being extremely comfortable and super chic.

Nizo Wear nursing bras were inspired by the real-life experience of the company’s founder, Nicole Zoellner. When Nicole became pregnant with her son, she eagerly read all the materials her doctor had given her about the benefits of breastfeeding. She happily anticipated the feelings of serenity and bonding that nursing promises mother and infant.

So, Nicole set out to do for other nursing moms what no-one had been able to do for her: provide a practical, comfortable way to get relief from the soreness breastfeeding mothers often experience. Her design was patented, and Nizo Wear was born.

Visit www.nizowear.com for more information.

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