Karen Barski
Owner, Creative Designer, Certified Infant Care Specialist & Instructor
Karen is a graduate of St. Vincent’s College of nursing and earned her BSN from Sacred Heart University in 1994. With a 22 year nursing background and 5 kids of her own, Karen identifies the needs of parents and babies, which always brings her to the drawing board to design new innovative products, many of which are eco’friendly. Inventor of the Woombie baby swaddle and fashion forward Mod’Swad brand, Karen’s drive, ambition, and creativity has shaped her business to what it is today. You can reach Karen at Karen@woombie.com or BabyNurse@woombie.com
Click here for an extended bio. Swaddle Guru
Stash Barski
Sales & Logistics
As a graduate of University of Maine earning a Bachelor’s in Business, with dedication and drive, Stash is a dad of 5, fabulous husband our all around “IT” guy. He focuses on sales and also assists with logistics.
Ingrid Prueher
Resident Baby Sleep expert, “the Baby Whisperer”
Ingrid Prueher, the Baby Sleep Whisperer is a bilingual, Certified Family Sleep Institute (FSI) Pediatric Sleep Consultant and Lactation Counselor. She specializes in teaching sleepless families the fundamentals of getting a good night’s sleep. Her mission is to help everyone in the family become a successful sleeper. A seasoned parenting consultant, Ingrid combines her experience and knowledge of nutrition, alternative therapies and sleep to help English and Spanish-speaking parents across the globe who struggle to get on a consistent sleep schedule. Ingrid is a sought after expert and her advice has been shared on popular media outlets such as Fox & Friends, The Huffington Post and as the host of Parents.com ‘Baby Sleep 911′ Web TV Series. She is also part of the FSI Certification Team and the FSI’s Graduate Business Coach and Mentor.Born in Guatemala and raised in New York, Ingrid earned a bachelor’s degree from St. John’s University in Queens, New York, and a master’s degree from The New School in New York City.She and her husband, Jason, are the proud parents of 6 year-old Leonardo and 3 year-old Maximo. The four of them live in Fairfield, Connecticut. In her free time, Ingrid loves to dance, sing and read with her boys, as well as travel and cook.
Janie Algeri
Photographer Extraordinaire
You asked who takes our amazing baby shots? Here it is….. Janie Algeri, from VIP Events in CT! The best Photographer on the East Coast! Janie makes it look so easy! Her great eye and calm disposition makes every shoot a masterpiece! You can reach Janie at Janie@VIPEventsLLC.com
Pavel Mullyakaev
IT, Web Design, Graphics
Pavel is our design and website guru! After attending 7 years at Ulyanovsk State University, he has acquired advanced computer technology skills that have helped our company run efficiently online as an eCommerce store. His design and web developer skills are appreciated as we continue to add new technologies to our state-of-the-art websites.
Bella Barski
First Woombie Baby + Invention Inspiration
Meet Bella, the first Woombie Baby! When Bella was a newborn she had a super startle reflex and mighty mouse strength and she busted out of the swaddle blanket all night long – every 15 minutes she would unravel. We spent the nights wrapping and re-wrapping over and over. We kept finding the swaddle unraveled and up over her face which was scary to say the least. After weeks of no sleep in the middle of the night I had an idea for a peanut-shaped sack that required no wrapping; plus it needed to gently cocoon baby but allowing for natural movement (just like the womb environment baby felt prior to birth). It worked! Bella slept 6 hours straight the first night and every night since. So our little Bella was the reason Woombie was invented and her twin brothers were Woombie babies too! Bella is an award-winning horseback rider and owns her own business too! www.tacksaver.com
For media inquires, please contact: pr@woombie.com