I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your product. My husband and I just adopted a sweet girl who spent many days in NICU because of drug withdrawal. The awesome nurses put baby in a woombie and it was the start to a vast improvement. We bought some on Amazon so they would be ready for us when we got home. This product was a large piece of a puzzle to help her get better.

Literally I got the woombie yesterday for my 2 month old. I threw it in the wash with his laundry. Took it out today when he remained fussy despite all my efforts to make him sleep, swaddled him and zipped up. Sat on the rocker and fed him milk and within minutes he was totally peaceful and off to sleep. I had the pressure cooker on my stove that whistled a couple of times. He was fine. I came into draw the blinds down next to his crib. He was fine. Thank you!

My son loves this little houdini.

Just wanted to say Thank you for such an awesome product!! My son is 4 months old and hadsnt slept thru the night in 2 months. I purchased it because it is the only swaddle product I have found for a big baby. My son is 20lbs and 28 in, I got the Mega baby size and he still has room to grow in the Woombie. We have been using it for a week now and he has slept thru the night every night with this!!! I am finally getting some sleep again! He is alot happier during the day now that he is getting a good nights sleep too. I will definately be buying another one. I even got two of my friends to order from you too. Thanks

My twins LOVE their woombies! Once all of the woombies were in the laundry and they did not sleep well at all! I recommend woombies to everyone I know 🙂

Welcome to Earth Jacqueline Iris Soares!!! Congrats and We love you all!

I just wanted to send a note to say that the convertible woombie really worked well for my daughter. She is 7 months old and it was time to wean her off her woombie. She loved her woombie and it is something that has been a lifesaver since the moment we received it in the mail! I knew it would be a challenge to wean her off so when I saw the convertible woombie on your website I felt a bit of relief. I must admit I waited to order because I had already purchased 4 woombies and was hesitant to spend more money but I am sure glad I did. She is now (about a week after using the convertible) sleeping with both arms out! Just thought it would be nice to hear a positive comment about a new product!

However, he’s a strong little dude…we used swaddlemes from birth to a few weeks until he started breaking out of those. The Miracle Blanket was a godsend until the past week; we would find him all tangled up in it no matter how well we wrapped him up, and this was a scary sight! A woman at a salon had raved about the Woombie a few months ago, and we just received our lil’ Houdini yesterday. While Chase has always been a great sleeper, I expected a transition period to this new swaddler. Not the case! He slept all night, snug as a bug! I will definitely be recommending your product to others.

My baby is 12 days old, she sleeps so well in her convertible woombie!

We have 3 toddler eco donuts at our home for our 5, 4 and 3 year olds. This is the most convenient thing ever— for late night crashes in mom’s room ,movie night, etc.  They all love it, they are soft, comfortable and we take them everywhere where the kids may need a nap or for sleep overs. Last week during the hurricaine they came in so handy when we had no power and all of the kids slept in our room.

Great product!  Thank you!

Ethan is almost 6 months now. He has been in the hospital for almost 3 months. He was born with a heart defect that was repaired in May. He has had some complications since that surgery but doing well. He is a trooper. The Woombie has to be the best sleep sack on the market by far.  I have had to order about 4 of them since they seem to get dirty pretty fast. All his nurses & doctors just love seeing him swaddled up like that. A few nurses have ordered them for themselves or going to when they have kids. Ethan just loves his Woombie, I am a big fan.

Thank you

Can I tell you how much I love the woombie? I’m a mom and a pediatrician … my daughter has wicked bad reflux, so at 6 months she still sleeps upright … until I had to do it myself, I never realized how hard it is to secure a swaddled child in a carseat, bouncie seat, nap nanny … I love the double zipper woombie! I zip her up to feed her, and then unzip from the bottom to strap her in and she sleeps like a dream! Thank you for being so smart!

My family would be lost without your wonderful swaddling tool!!!
Two of my babies are now woombie girls!Thank You

Woombies and wubbanubs are both must haves in our house and I recommend both to all expecting mothers I know. I was able to grab 3 big baby woombies along with a couple newborn ones for my expecting sister and sister in law from a deal of the day sight but I’m thinking I need the ones they can take their arms out. My little Sophia always jams her arm out if the top of her woombie and they are still in the newborn size.
Thanks for making such a great product!

Let me start by saying THANK YOU!!!!! My darling 4 month old baby loves/needs to be swaddled to sleep, but she has broken out of every swaddle. When she was first born we used the SwaddleMe brand, while great, like majority of the other reviews mention the Velcro sucks and to top if off my little one would wiggle her arms out and then wake up and cry. We then switched to the miracle blanket, which likes its name mentions was a miracle; however, this too should pass. After about a month she was wiggling enough and learned how to unpin her arms and unwrap the swaddle which would then trigger the cries! I was at my wits end and was going to suffer for a week or two until she learned to sleep without it, but I decided to research swaddles anyway. I looked at the Halo sleep sack, but she was too old for the swaddle one and I definitely couldn’t have her arms flaling about. All the others were just a slight change from the other two I had tried and knew that wasn’t going to work. I landed on the Woombie and debated for a week or two after more sleepless nights I finally ordered the convertible in hopes to also use it as a weaning tool when we are ready. Like all the other reviews mentioned: I wish I would have found Woombie first!!!! We put it on her tonight and it took a minute to get used to but she loves it and no amount of wiggling will free her arms. I just hope that other people can read this and know this review is real. I love this product and would have saved myself over a hundred dollars on those other USELESS swaddles if I had found this first. I will be praising you guys until kingdom come.

Thank You

Just wanted to say thank you!  The boys love them!  We got 6 this time so we don’t have to go any nights without them!

Thanks again!

It’s been about a month now since I ordered our first Woombie, and I just wanted to say THANKS! After lots of sleepless nights, night #1 with the Woombie we all got 6 hours of sleep! While my first born was perfectly content to sleep in a swaddle, Charlie would wiggle out of it every night. The result was miserable for all of us. The most we had gotten previously was 4 hours. She’s now a great little sleeper, and we’re moving her into the convertible Woombie as she’s just starting to roll over. I’ve recommended to Woombie to several new mommy friends, and I hope they have the same success.

Our baby girl is addicted to the Woombie! We joke that she will be 3 years old and still in her Woombie! She is almost 6 months old and we just graduated to the summer Woombie in the mega size. I also purchase one for all my friends who are expecting. We love, love, love the Woombie!!

My name is Stephanie Maudlin. Our son is a year and a half and we used the Woombie with him when he was younger so all of us could sleep soundly. The Woombie was so much better than swaddling (especially since my husband could never do it right!) I go to many mom groups and I swear by and recommend them to all of my mommy  friends!

I can’t speak highly enough about the Woombie. Thank you for the precious gift of sleep you gave to our family!

I was in the hospital PICU, every nurse and doctor commented on how amazing the Woombie was- the double pull zipper allowed the wires an exit point point while still keeping her swaddled, and it was so simple they didn’t struggle to rewrap her. The best part? It was thin enough they could listen to her breathing through the Woombie and not wake her- and if they did need her chest or feet to adjust sensors, they could unzip partially and keep her sleeping. I tried other swaddles while in the hospital, but the Woombie by far took the cake for the ease of use.


My baby loves the 4 in 1 Hybrid Swaddle!  Bravo!  Thank you Woombie! He was able to learn where the pacifier is after 2-3 days!

Addison loved her Woombie!

Dear Woombie, Our 2 month old loves his woombie and is sleeping great.

My daughter Phoebe loves her woombie and I thought I would share the attached picture. She is snug as a ‘bug’ in her woombie 🙂
Thanks for making such a great product!

We have used this since birth upon recommendations from our niece. He has always been a good sleeper but we definitely think this helps! We will try to keep in one as long as we can.

My son Brayden really loves into his Woombie and feels comfort. I can’t believe he sleeps all night and was reduced of colic.

I don’t normally thank companies for their products, but I just have to tell you how much my 8-week-old little boy (and his mommy and daddy!) loves his Woombie! Ever since it arrived he’s been sleeping 9 hours straight at night, followed by another 2-3 after a quick nurse! He previously woke up every 3-4 hours and busted out of his swaddling every time. Even naps are smoother; he sleeps for longer and wakes up happy and well-rested. Thank you for a fabulous product- we’ll be recommending the Woombie to all of our new mommy friends!

Both my children needed swaddles for 5 months and started getting out of them, Liana is now 6 months and still needs the woombie. I wish I had found it earlier.

Hi Karen.. Thank you so much! It fits perfectly right now…so I’m sure we’ll purchase the larger size soon! I attached a pic…he seems perfectly content in it 🙂 Thank you again!

Just wanted to thank you for this wonderful product! My daughter needed to be swaddled but was always breaking through her traditional swaddle blankets. I was going crazy trying to find something that would work, not to mention exhausted from sleepless nights. I was hesitant to buy another product but after yet another sleepless night I made the plunge a bought her the Original Woombie. Am I ever glad I did! At 8 weeks she quickly began sleeping 5-6 hours per night, way more than expected. In fact, she started to get excited when I would put her in the Woombie. I recently noticed that she was trying to suck on her hands in her sleep so I tried to ween her from the Woombie. She was not happy! Instead I just purchased the Convertible Woombie. I am confident this will help her transition, while at the same time allow Mommy to get some sleep. Thank you for this amazing product. I will definitely recommend it to all expecting moms that I know!

Benjamin in his woombie….he loves his woombie and I love that I get a longer nights sleep with him in his woombie! Thank You Woombie!!!!!

Dear Woombie Company, This has been a long time in coming but I am glad that I have finally remembered to sit down and write this. I saw the woombie on a half-off site, had read about them, and even mentioned them to others who had found great success with them. I purchased two (one through the half-off site) and had one ready to use in the hospital. It was great. Our second daughter was born at the end of August at 37 weeks. After going home her jaundice numbers went up. Wanting to avoid a hospital stay the peditrician had a billiruben blanket. This may have been a bit more difficult to use with other swaddle blankets and would have made for zero sleep. However, as you will see in the attached picture the Woombie was PERFECT for our situation. If only every billiruben blanket came with a Woombie! So, thanks for making a hard time a little bit easier. Of course, we are still using our woombie.

Hi! I just have to start by saying that “The Woombie” is one of the greatest swaddling products around! It has saved my sanity with my most recent addition. With my last colicky daughter we tried everything and finally stumbled upon the Miracle Blanket. (I hadn’t heard of the Woombie back then). It was my saving grace! We finally got sleep and so did she. It was wonderful! So when my 9 lb 6 oz baby boy came into the world I was so excited to use my Miracle Blanket again! But there was one problem. This supposedly “escapable” Miracle Blanket didn’t work for him. He was so BIG and so strong that he would unwind himself and startle himself. I didn’t know what to do! How could my beloved “Miracle Blanket” not work like it did for my daughter? So a friend of mine had a woombie and suggested I try it. I did and from night one I LOVED it! My big boy could not escape and he LOVED it!!!! There was no WAY he could escape it and he slept so much better and as a result obviously so did we! (Granted it was pink and hubby had a HUGE problem with our boy being in pink, but I didn’t care! HE slept.) We haven’t been able to afford another one as I am a new stay at home mom and have lost a huge salary so Pink it is! I have recently had to switch him over to a halo sleep sack because he was now rolling. For my son our saving grace was your Woombie! And I want to thank you so much for this marvelous creation even though I can’t use it anymore. Thanks,

I just wanted to thank you for so many things but most importantly for my happy baby. She desperately needs to be swaddled to sooth and the Woombie has done that for her. Thank you for encouraging me to try the Houdini. I’m not sure between the Houdini and original which one she prefers yet (last night she slept 10 hours in the original!!). I will be ordering more as soon as I find out. Second, thank you for letting me come meet you at the warehouse. It is truly customer service. I make sure that I tell everyone about the Woombie and how it has saved my life!!

I absolutely LOVE my woombies and cannot recommend them to my friends enough!! The woombie keeps my 7 week old son cooler in the warm weather and he is learning to self settle once he’s zipped up and secured in his favorite sleeping wrap. Thank you thank you thank you for such a wonderful product! Life is so much easier with a woombie!

the houdini woombie has been a LIFESAVER! we used it for a few months and felt it was time to move to the next stage {we used the Baby Merlin} but it didn’t take too long before we realized how much our baby NEEDS his woombie. it is truly a lifesaver. he had started crying when we laid him down for sleep, he would wake frequently and never sleep long periods of time. so we went back to the woombie and IMMEDIATELY did away with the waking 2 times in the night and ridiculously short naps during the day. baby is sleeping like a champ again and so are we!!!

Hi Karen!
My name is Christa Voros and I’m a mom of two adorable little boys (age 2 and 9 weeks) I have to say – The Woombie has made my life SO much more enjoyable since my second son arrived. With my first, I didn’t have anything like the woombie. I’ve been putting Levi (my 9 week old) to bed in his woombie since the night we brought him home and he has literally slept through the night ever since. I tried one night without the woombie out of curiosity and lets just say it was a disaster;)

I got Mod Swad as a gift and I absolutely LOVE it!!! It is amazing! The material is so soft and still stretchy. baby has been sleeping for hours once in it and it is THE ONLY calm him down! Love IT!

My lovely 10lb baby boy Seb in his ‘original newborn Tahiti’ blue Woombie.

We’ve been using a Woombie with my 4 month old since he was a month old and we LOVE it! It’s now our go to baby shower gift and we recommend it all the time. Thank you for creating an awesome product!

Here is my little 5 month old baby boy Alex sleeping so soundly in his Woombie! They are a life saver.

Emmy loved her Woombie 🙂 She has outgrown it now but it got us through a really tough couple months! Great product!! I actually work in early intervention and recommend it to a lot of families particularly families of preemies and drug exposed infants!

This is Jack, my Woombie addict baby! He is 14 1/2 months old & won’t sleep without his Mega Baby Leggies Woombie!

Hayden loves his Woombies!

Here is our son August in his Woombie! It was a lifesaver for us! He is now 9.5 months and sleeps with both arms out of the convertible, like a sleep sack.

I just wanted to write a note of appreciation. My 6 week old son was breaking free of his swaddle in a blanket, waking several times a night. I stumbled upon your website and ordered the wrap and snap. It is a miracle product. My son sleeps so soundly now, so happy baby equals happy mommy. This product has worked wonderfully for keeping my bundle of joy bundled. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. I have been felling all of my mommy friends about it.

Our twin boys (6 days old) love the Woombie! Thank you so much for an amazing product. They sleep so well!!

Here is a picture of my 3-month old son, all snuggled up and happy in his Woombie! (He fell asleep shortly after, for his mid-day nap).

Our 3 month old Jack LOVES his Woombie! He has slept in one every single night since he was only a few days old. We couldn’t imagine life without it!

This is Kiera she is 7 weeks old, we just received a woombie we won from the beautymoxie blog. I just wish I knew she was a girl now I may have to buy a pink one. thanks again

Today we got our first Woombie in the mail. I have a soon to be 8 week old who hasn’t been swaddled since the hospital because she hates it. I know,everyone tells me all babies love the swaddle even if they fight it. She screamed for hours on end with it on and wouldn’t sleep, she hated it! To get her to sleep we would have to sit by her, keeping her arms on her chest and pacifier in mouth. If her pacifier fell out she would typically wake up and cry until we would go back in and start the entire process again. Today we put her woombie on and immediately, mid-screaming, due to being over-tired, she calmed down. She took her longest nap ever! After her middle of the night feed I was able to immediately set her back down to sleep. There was minimal fussing and was asleep within minutes. This product is amazing and is just what our baby needed to feel secure but not restrained like a traditional swaddle. Thank you so much!! I have such a weight lifted off my shoulders knowing our little one will now have better and more restful sleep!

We love the motocycle woombie!!!

The first time I put her in it, she was not a happy camper. She fussed for all of 5 seconds though. The moment I got the zipper all the way up and snapped her up, her eyes immediately got very heavy. She was asleep within 5 minutes. Within a couple of days of seeing how well she slept in her Woombie, I was able to move her from my bed into her bassinet, still only a couple feet from my bed. She now sleeps through the night from about 6 or 7 p.m. (and so do I) until about 4 or 5 a.m. when she wakes up only long enough for me to put her in the bed next to me, put her pacifier in her mouth and then she sleeps until 6 or 7 a.m.

Without hesitation, I can say that this product is my miracle and I am a strong supporter. I hope this review helps you if you are considering getting one. The video below is a demonstration of how to use the Woombie and has some more helpful details about the product noted through it as well.

THANK YOU so much for inventing the Woombie. Both of our kids (currently ages 3 and 1) slept in Woombies until about 9 months of age! It is also one of my favorite things to give new moms as gifts!

Hello! I just wanted to let you all know that I tell EVERY new mom about the Woombie. I did not know about them when my 3 1/2 year old was a baby, but my son is almost a year old and I exclusively used Woombies on him from the minute he was born. I LOVED that they never rode up. With the other swaddles I would lose sleep about my daughter maybe loosening them and they would be up around her face and neck, but with the Woombie it stayed put 100% of the time which gave this mama such peace of mind. I lend my Woombies out constantly, sure that once a swaddler goes to a Woombie they’ll never look back! Thank you for creating a superior swaddle product…I will continue to sing Woombie praises to all new moms and moms-to-be!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for this amazing creation. My first child was very colicky and this was a life saver. He’s now 2 1/2 and became a wonderful sleeper. My second child (she’s 3 months)refused to sleep out of my arms until we tried the Woombie. Once again, instant success! I thought that she was getting too old to be swaddled because she can roll, so I tried to have her sleep on her own this week. Big mistake! We were up at least once every hour. She would cry as soon as her back touched the crib and her arms and legs go flying in all directions throughout the night. I put her back in the Woombie last night and she slept from 8pm to 5:30am. My daughter is extremely active and the Woombie helps calm her down and keep her asleep. I’m so convinced that the Woombie is a necessity for my daughter to have healthy sleep, that I just bought the next size up. Thank you again!

I have purchased all of the “popular” swaddles for my daughter, only to find that she pulls the material up towards her mouth with her busy hands. This in turn created a bulging zip which she would bury her face in and knock out her dummy. What’s more, she always seemed to get agitated with the fit of them. I always resorted to double wrapping her in muslin wraps. At 6 months of age and hundreds of wasted dollars later, I discovered the woombie. Brilliant! These are the things that make it a cut above the rest: – the material isn’t flimsy. It feels firm yet comfortable. – the zipper stays straight no matter how hard she tries to wriggle her arms up. Therefore Dummy stays in tact. – the shape of the woombie just seems to work in a way that no other swaddle did. – for some reason, she doesn’t get flustered when I zip her up, as she did with the other swaddles. She obviously feels comfortable. No other swaddle compares to the woombie. Thank you.


I just had to tell you that I am in love with your product and will definitely recommend to any other parents. I was getting anywhere from 45minutes to 90 minutes of sleep at a time for 10 weeks. Then, I tried the Woombie! The first night my boy slept the first 6 hours without waking! The second, 5 hours! It has been a God send. At first I was not impressed because he seemed to hate being confined so tight. So I gave up within 30 minutes and took it off. Then I read somewhere online that babies do seem to not like it, but once asleep, they will sleep better. So I tried again, and it was well worth it! Thanks Woombie!


Our son is 5 months old and has been breaking out of his swaddle for a couple of weeks now. He used to sleep peacefully through the night (10-11 hours), but this caused him to wake up crying every few hours. After too many nights of oft-interrupted sleep, I bought a couple convertible woombies for him. Last night was his first night in it (with both arms inside) and he slept the whole night again, just like before! 7pm-6am! My husband and I were so happy this morning. I’m excited to have a product that can hold him in the swaddle for a bit longer and can also transition with him once he can roll while in it.

Many, many thanks from one happy family!

My family first discovered the woombie when my daughter (2yrs old in March) was only 4 weeks old. Nothing we tried before the woombie kept her bundled, so we were up ALL night! Once we zipped her up in the woombie, she started sleeping all night and we never had another issue. Since that first night, she’s had a woombie EVERY nap time and night time since. January 11, 2013 was her first night without a woombie since she was four weeks old as she has now outgrown your “MegaBaby” woombie. (I’m pretty sure it was harder on me than her! LOL) I have claimed from the first night with woombie…to the last night…that is THE MIRACLE SWADDLER! Thank you so much for helping me with my sweet girl for nearly 2 full years of swaddling and peace at night! I tell all of my friends of woombie and I will use it for any other children I have going forward!!!

Again….THANK YOU!!!!

I am a mom of a one year old son. After he was born, he was very restless and it was hard for him to fall asleep. So, I went on the internet and I found Woombie. It was amazing; he changed into a sweet, sleeping baby. He loved to wear Woombie. And I loved it, when he was wearing it.

Fussy Baby in the middle of the day = Woombie & Paci-Plushie time. Our Woombie settles him down like magic!

Cash says thank you for his Woombie!

My three week old Ronald loves his Woombie!

My son in his new winter woombie. LOVE it!!

Our brand new Woombie!

4 days old )

Our brand new Woombie!

I have to share the story of my son. He was born at 34 weeks and weighed 5lbs 4oz, suffered from severe respiratory problems to the extent he was rushed to the NICU unit at the state hospital. We have endured a long road on his path to recovery, daily trips including 4 hours of travel, heartbreak daily departures from him and the haunting task of leaving our little angel in the care of strangers. It was a heart breaking adventure until today where he began to make drastic improvements. He was a very finicky, jumpy, and rather impossible preemie to settle down. They have had him on quite a few weeks of morphine to help with this issue.

I was told about your product from a family member who recently purchased a few for her daughter and decided to try a few for my little Rhett.

Today was the first day we tried one of him while he is still in the NICU. For the first day since he has been in there we saw our son smile, interact with us like a normal infant, keep his stats where they should be and content. He smiled, he was comforted, and he was able to feel secure. I’m not quite sure how to express what it felt like to see him be calm and non-jumpy. It was a little miracle for us.

Upon his doctor seeing the amazing results from just a small piece of clothing he has discontinued his morphine for further notice, taken him off the incubator and allowed us to dress him for the first time and leave his clothing on.

I’m not sure how to say thank you enough for your ingenuous piece of clothing. I honestly feel this simple one piece will allow our son to not only heal faster but to be able to obtain as normal of a infant life as possible for the remainder of his stay in the NICU.

See photo of our precious little man wrapped in your amazing creation.