10 Baby Safety Tips All New Parents Should Know About

September is Baby Safety Month and parents are being encouraged to educate themselves on how to protect their little ones. It is so important for parents to take every precautionary measure to ensure the safety of their children. With this in mind, here are 10 must-know baby safety tips that will help parents be more safety-conscious keeping their precious bundles of joy safe and secure.

1. Follow the instructions doctors and hospitals give you. I remember people telling us, “You can’t hurt them.” We swaddled our first child in two blankets (thick ones) and turned the heat close to 90 degrees because we figured her temperature should be 98.6, so the room needed to be warm. Not really how it works. Over-wrapping baby or wrapping too tightly can prevent airflow and is a risk for overheating. Woombie offers a breathable baby swaddle and parents swear by it calling it the safest and most effective baby swaddle

2. Avoid putting anything additional in the crib with baby. You may think they will not move and cannot suffocate on blankets or bumpers, but it is not worth the risk.

3. Do not underestimate your parental instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

4. Get into a good sleep schedule/routine. We read Babywise with our first and it worked right away. Our first started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks old. If you need more assistance there are certified child sleep consultants that can prepare you before baby arrives and help after baby arrives. The Family Sleep Institute has an entire list by state of certified child sleep consultants.

5. Make sure your car seat is installed correctly. Child car seats save lives, but only when used properly. Parents should carefully read the instructions and if you want to be extra sure, have a qualified professional such as a certified baby planner, certified child passenger instructor, or even your state troopers, check to make sure the car seat is installed properly. According to Parenting.com here are some common mistakes:

    • Routing seatbelts incorrectly
    • Not putting seatbelts in lock mode
    • Using both the lower anchors of the LATCH system and the seatbelt
    • Connecting the lower anchors and tethers of the LATCH system to the wrong points in the car, especially cargo hooks
    • Forgetting to use the tether at all
    • Not putting enough weight on the seat as it is being installed

Click to learn how to fix these car seat installation mistakes here.

6. Stay up to date on recalls of products you may use on your baby, especially medications. According to About.com the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is a government agency that protects the public from harm by more than 15,000 types of products. Click here to see how you can check baby product recalls.

7. Find a Pediatrician you like and trust. Our Pediatrician provides a number to call 24 hours a day. We used it a lot, especially with our first-born. They were happy to help. That is the kind of Pediatrician you want!

8. Don’t ever leave your baby unattended. It only takes a split second for something to go wrong.

9. Find a baby monitor that has great video and sound on it. We used Summer Infant monitors with our first because the sound was so good, we could hear her breathing. Baby monitors help keep your baby safe by letting you know what’s going on with your child at any given moment.

10. If you leave your baby with friends or family, be sure they understand what “keeping them safe” means to you and will follow your instructions. Don’t ever assume they will know what to do.

Written by Lori Bredemeier, Founder of Little Toader makers of AppeTEETHERS

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  • uniquely designed for baby to easily hold on and fit into the different angles of baby’s mouth;
  • patented, silicone with slight texture providing the perfect amount of resistance — no topical paint and no risk of fading or having the paint rub off into baby’s mouth; and
  • free of BPA, Phthalate, PVC and lead.

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