4 Ways To Involve the Kids in Your Home Improvement Plans

With summer around the corner, people everywhere are looking to perform their annual spring cleaning, purge their homes of superfluous clutter, and tidy their living spaces room by room. For parents with young children, this task is significantly more difficult. Kids, constantly energized and eager to be involved, can quickly reverse their parents’ diligent cleaning attempts. That said, children love to be part of the household action, and they often appreciate being included in even the most seemingly mundane of chores. If you are looking for some home improvement ideas that your kids can enjoy with you, read on. This list provides some fun and productive activities that the whole family can enjoy.


  1. Plant

Potting plants and flowers is an excellent family activity; it is an opportunity to give the kids a quick science lesson while beautifying your home inside and out. Bonus, children love to get dirty, and this gives them the perfect excuse to play in the mud! Be sure to keep your interior glass doors clean and spot-free to ensure your houseplants get adequate sunlight. Repotting your houseplants is not only a fantastic way to decorate your house, but it promotes healthy living as well. Studies show that plants can remove over 80% of the toxins present in the air. That said, head to the nursery and get your family potting today!


  1. Reorganize

Everyone, young and old, has drawers full of clothing and personal belongings they no longer need or use. Grab the kids and peruse the drawers, donating gently used castaways as you go. To make this process enjoyable for the kids, turn the organization project into a fashion show. Instruct them to try on their old clothes, and set up a catwalk to display their duds. Finally, create a pile of clothing to keep and one to donate. Remember to keep only the items you love and plan to wear regularly. Take care to fold all clothing before depositing them back into their respective drawers. Use this process as a folding tutorial for your childrens’ future laundry chores!


  1. Paint

Nothing freshens up a home like a fresh, new coat of paint. Painting is truly the easiest and quickest way to elevate a room and make it feel brand-new. Make painting a kid-friendly activity by getting the prep work out of the way before inviting them in to help. Cover the floors and thoroughly tape the baseboards to protect them from unwanted splatters of paint. Finally, give each kid a paintbrush and a can of paint and let them go to town. Once they tire of the activity, you can utilize an industrial-sized paint roller to make their job look perfectly professional. They will be proud of their handiwork, and you will have a freshly painted bedroom to enjoy for years to come.


  1. Decorate the Mailbox

Give your kids creative control over your mailbox, and they will happily fetch the mail forever. Take them to a craft store, and let them load up on a variety of embellishments like rhinestones, glitter, stickers, paint, and beads. Once home, use a hot glue gun to create unique designs on the mailbox. Ensure the theme represents your children and your family! Remember to check that the box still opens; you want to receive mail while remaining in the mail delivery person’s good graces. Consider making this a family tradition for each major holiday. Decorate the mailbox for Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas. Your neighbors will appreciate the enthusiasm, and perhaps you could ignite a decorating competition on your street or block.


Whether potting or painting, kids love to be involved in grow-up activities. Allowing them to be a part of your spring cleaning process will not only make it more enjoyable, but you will be more productive as well. Hopefully, this list sparks some creativity and provides you and your family with fun ways to stay active while remaining clean and tidy at home.


Jared Jaureguy