The Best Educational Parenting Podcasts

Podcasts of all genres are packed with practical information and humor for enjoyable, passive listening. Parenting podcasts – almost always hosted by savvy individuals who are raising children themselves – are an excellent way to engage with helpful content related to your around-the-clock job as a mom or dad. To restore your confidence and discover clever solutions to difficult parenting problems, try browsing the episode libraries of the following shows.


Birth, Baby and Beyond

Pregnancy phases, birthing decisions, breastfeeding and infant care are the central focus of this podcast hosted by Cath Curtin, a mom with more than forty years of firsthand familiarity. Specialists like gynecologists, psychiatrists, and pediatricians talk with Cath about the nitty gritty details of the early stages of parenting. As you attempt to make conscious, personalized decisions about the health of you, your baby, and your partner, consult with Birth, Baby and Beyond for thoughtful guidance.


Parenting Beyond Discipline

Hosted by LA-based parenting expert Erin Royer, Parenting Beyond Discipline covers essential topics such as education, wellness, and self-esteem. Listeners find her material to be relatable, insightful, and comforting. She is bound to give you a boost when it comes to nurturing your children’s character development throughout the years. You will want to remember the enduring wisdom Erin has to share, so take notes!


The Double Shift

For working moms who don’t want to hear any more tips on balancing a busy schedule, The Double Shift actually dives into deeper themes around the societal implications of being a working mother in today’s world. Award-winning host Katherine Goldstein and her co-host Angela Garbes bring on a variety of guests to discuss the economy, feminism, childcare, and self-empowerment for moms everywhere. Just like Rachel Maddow podcasts, the political arguments of The Double Shift are unapologetic and highly relevant. If you are the kind of person who instinctively analyzes the world at large and its impact on your life, this show is for you.


Mom and Dad Are Fighting

This podcast from Slate Magazine is a huge hit. It blends together commentary on current events and up-to-date parenting advice into truly comical conversations. Fans will tell you that it is consistently hilarious and refreshingly honest. The hosts make sure to cover scenarios created by toddlers and teenagers alike. For a more laid-back, mischievious listening experience at the end of a long day spent herding your kids, check out Mom and Dad Are Fighting.


Katie’s Crib

A show for expectant parents and those with newborn babies keeping them up all night, Katie’s Crib is hosted by mom and actress Katie Lowes. She and her guests address more serious subjects like postpartum depression and trouble with conception, along with the strange exuberance of having twins or helping your dog get along with your little ones. Full of truth-telling and empathy, Katie’s Crib is a reliable educational choice.


Life Kit: Parenting

From NPR, Life Kit: Parenting offers scientific and historical understanding for some of the more unsettling hurdles on your parenting journey – like talking to your kids about racism, addiction, death, technology, climate change, and even divorce. They aim to give you a “life kit” of tools you can reference again and again, turning you into a super handy walking guide to successful parenting. If you’re already a fan of the shows that NPR produces, you will probably find some gems in the archives of this podcast.

At every turn along the road of raising children, it is pointless to pretend that you will be perfect or somehow know everything ahead of time. Asking for help and pursuing knowledge from a range of sources are simple acts of humility that will support you along the way. Podcasts provide an energizing human touch to complex topics, lightening the load that you carry and inspiring you to show up as your best self every day. There are countless amazing shows out there to choose from, so start searching right away!


Mikkie Mills