The Metaphysical Mom: Meditation

Children and Metaphysics

Meditation is a wonderful way to teach your child to quiet his mind!

It awakens one’s consciousness — and conscious awareness creates greater sensitivity to what is — and what is not — both on a Universal scale and the individual’s role within it.

Metaphysical meaning of Meditation:
Meditation–Continuous and contemplative thought; to dwell mentally on anything; realizing the reality of the Absolute; a steady effort of the mind to know God; man’s spiritual approach to God.

The purpose of meditation is to expand the consciousness, to bring into realization divine Truth; to be transformed in spiritsoul, and body by the renewing of the mind.

Practically speaking: As a parent, medical professional, Reiki Master and empath, it is easy to see and feel the stress around us all and around our children who are bombarded with so much pressure these days. It is evident in the rising numbers of childhood suicide, depression and social anxieties present. We will work to embrace our commonalities, differences and our uniqueness! Meditation is for everyone, whether you are high energy, low-energy, happy, sad or perfectly balanced. Meditation is a wonderful way to teach your child to quiet his mind!

Why should kids (and adults!) meditate?

Beyond coping with a crisis, providing kids with meditation as a tool encourages lifelong, healthy habits with oodles of benefits:

  • Meditation improves your child’s ability to focus and learn in the classroom
  • The self-regulation skills developed through a meditation practice can elevate your child’s mood
  • Improve sleeping habits, and
  • Help him to regulate emotions, reactions and responses, resulting in reduced stress, bullying and anxiety levels.

A reflective practice, meditation redirects kids from reflexive or impulsive thought and behavior patterns. And of course, by learning meditation, basic coping mechanisms are in place should he/she experience pain, trauma or challenges 🙌🏼💜


Next post we will start our how to meditate segment!


xx Karen