The ‘Leggies’ Woombie

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Our Original Woombie with arms/legs – SOME styles of the Leggies versions open to convert to arms-free partial swaddling sleeping sack when it is time. Fabric stretchy. Also allows freedom for legs for use in elevated sleepers, seats, swings and strollers. Offers a 2way Zipper. Fabric content is 95 Cotton/5 Spandex.

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Color: Cotton/Marshmallow (both are “off white”)

Available Color:

Happy Elephants and Twilight Gray

conv leggies stardust
Happy Elephants, Convertible Arms Twilight,Convertible Arms Stardust Ele,Convertible Arms
leggies moo pink cow leggies moo blue cow leggies moo gray cow
Pink MOO, Non-Convertible Arms Blue MOO, Non-Convertible Arms  Gray MOO, Non-Convertible Arms


Directions for use:

  1. Place baby on top of opened Woombie
  2. Zip Woombie
  3. One baby is rolling discontinue use and consult with your Pediatrician for further instructions
  4. Please follow recommended size guidelines
  5. Work with Spica Casts and Pavlik harnesses


Our Original Woombie with arms/legs –Opens to convert to arms-free partial swaddling sleeping sack when it is time. This baby sleeping sack with legs features stretchy fabric. Also allows freedom for legs for use in elevated sleepers, seats, swings and strollers. Offers a two-way Zipper. Fabric content is 95 Cotton/5 Spandex.


 Woombie……. Swaddling the way nature intended

Swaddling has been proven  to help babies sleep better, longer &  safer.  The Woombie swaddle has received over 14 awards for design & innovation  and has been nominated as  “Moms Favorite Swaddle”  for effectiveness and ease of use.  Our Infant Care Specialists at  Woombie do not believe in restricting the arms and hips to establish successful sleep patterns through swaddling. By  allowing natural “womb-like” movement to occur during swadling, baby’s transition from womb to world will be more effective and appreciated by moms and little ones.

Woombie Features:

·        Ergonomically shaped design allows a more natural approach to swaddling

·        Easy to use- 1 step swaddle, no origami required

·        Will not unravel like a square baby blanket, potentially covering the airway

·        Encourages back sleeping, as babies are more likely to maintain on their backs in swaddling

·        Prevents the Moro/Startle reflex by gently cocooning baby’s arms during swaddling

·        Prevents the rooting reflex and face scratching by keeping hands away from face during swaddling

·        Promotes self soothing by allowing baby to hold/touch his hands inside the swaddle

·        Hip healthy and shoulder-healthy swaddling design allows for non restricted motion

·        Stretchy but snug swaddling fabric simulates the feeling our being held, touched & cuddled

·        Narrowed waistline gently compresses the abdomen, helping to eliminate gas related issues  & provide additional tummy comfort during swaddling

·        Multi-dimensional swaddling fabric snuggles & moves “with” baby, mimicking the womb like environment baby was accustomed to

·        Allows natural arm and leg movement during swaddling while asleep

·        1 layer lightweight & breathable swaddling fabric helps to prevent overheating

·        Two-way zipper in the swaddle allows for easy diaper changes at night

·        Seamless swaddling interior provides more comfort for baby

·        Designed by a Certified Infant Care Specialist &  Nursing team

·        Can be used in strollers and swings (Convertible/Leggie’s versions can be used for swaddling in a car seat in the arms out position)

·        Swaddling eases the transition from womb to world

·        Easy swaddle cleaning/care

  • Arms open to convert to “Arms Free” sleeping sack when the time arises
  • Legs free to allow for use in swings and seats
  • Not for use in car seat in the closed swaddle position, arms must be out and positioned in car seat normally, allowing the seatbelt to be in full 5 point restraint.


 U.S. Patent D696,486 S — Australian Registered Design No  334572  —-European and Canadian Patent Pending

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 1 in
Color & Size

Happy Elephants 5-13 lbs, Twilight 5-13 lbs, Twilight 14-19 lbs, Stardust 5-13 lbs, Stardust 14-19 lbs, Stardust 20-25 lbs, PInk MOO 5-13 lbs, Pink MOO 14-19 lbs, Blue MOO 5-13 lbs, Blue MOO 14-19 lbs, Gray MOO 5-13 lbs, Gray MOO 14-19 lbs

8 reviews for The ‘Leggies’ Woombie

  1. Kate

    Love this product

    My son needs to be swaddled but he would break out of it every time he slept. We tried different products but he would still be able to break free from them. This is the only one that has helped him to sleep better. He has the freedom to move his arms but won’t attack his face and wake himself up. I wish we had this for our first son.

  2. Amanda

    Great no matter what the babies age

    My baby LOVES to be swaddled and once we found this at about 6 months we were able to start and transition our baby by leaving one arm out, and eventually both arms out. At night we still put her in her woombie because she likes the tightness that the fabric provides her, even with both arms out. She still has one arm in during her nap because we find that she sleeps so much longer and doesn’t get as disturbed by noise when she has an arm in!

  3. EBarnes

    The best swaddle out there

    I’ve used this swaddle on both my boys, and nothing works better. NOTHING! My only complaint is the price… A $20 price point would be far more reasonable.

  4. C. grace

    Works Wonders!

    My son has had severe eczema since he was one month old and will scratch until he bleeds. We used the miracle blanket until he started rolling around in his crib, then switched to the halo sleep sack swaddler, which work well until he learned to break free from the velcro. The Woombie works great because it zips and is convertible. We use both the convertible leggies and the houdini woombies because if we dont separate his arms he is still able to scratch. …voilà! no scratching or breaking free from his swaddle! Its also nice that the zipper goes both ways! What a great sleep sack you offer!

  5. Glennen

    Great for reflux babies

    My baby has reflux and sleeps on an inclined wedge with sling. The convertible leggies Woombie lets us swaddle her during bedtime routine instead of after she is placed in her sling. She loves it and goes right to sleep!

  6. Jill


    Bought this for my 5th & final baby. Oh how I wish that I had purchased a woombie earlier! My last 3 babes have needed to be swaddled to sleep. We have used all types of swaddle blankets & wraps with limited success. The velcro wears out quickly & they wriggle free. Not so with the woombie! Baby girl (6 mo) hasn’t wriggled out yet, & we can buckle her into her swing! She had no problem transitioning to the woombie either! Love your product!! Just need to get a 2nd one now. Sooo worth the $!

  7. kchinn

    No more crying in the car!!

    My third daughter is the only one who screams bloody murder in the car. I sat in the back with her for 2 hours trying everything to calm her down. She was just flailing her arms uncontrollably and getting more and more upset After pinning her arms down under the blanket, she fell asleep in 5 seconds. Tried this again the next few trips in the car. We bought one of these to keep her swaddled and buckled in (arms inside just down by her side and ensure she is correctly and tightly strapped in). Prayers answered, happy sleepy baby in the car!! It’s now her little travel suit.

  8. Kim

    Baby finally sleeping at night

    I love this product!!! I had tried every type of swaddle and swaddle blanket for my baby. No matter what I tried, he would find a way work out of it and wake himself up, or scream because he doesn’t like his legs contained. He needed his arms swaddled but his legs free. I found Convertible Leggies and the first night he wore it, my son slept for a 6 hour stretch (7 weeks old). I woke him up because I was worried. Needless to say, I bought another… and at 12 weeks, he is no longer waking for night feedings and will sleep for 9 hours.

    Side note: I do think they run a bit on the small side if you have a long baby. I purchased the 14-19 pound size when he was 12 pounds and 23 inches and it fits him well, but I’ve found it runs a bit snug in the crotch. I wish the product was a bit longer in length from the neck to the crotch measurement. It still fits but I will be getting a bigger size before he reaches 19 pounds.

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