Grow With Me Swaddle

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$32.99 - $34.99

The Grow With Me Woombie is a swaddle + wearable blanket that covers your growing baby from 0-18 months!


Product Description

We have 3 styles of the Grow With Me Woombie:

  1. Grow With Me 5:  Swaddles from 0-9m, then converts from swaddle to sleeping sack for use up to 18 months.  Arms can transition out after 3m or when baby is rolling.
  2. Grow With Me AIR 5 Swaddles from 0-9m, then converts from swaddle to sleeping sack for use up to 18 months. Arms can transition out after 3m or when baby is rolling.
  3. Grow With Me 3: Use from 0-6m, Converts from size 0-3M to 3-6M with a simple unzip. Hands do not come out.  Non convertible.


winter-gwm-main winter-gwm-collar-area winter-gwm-side-zipped winter-gwm-side-unzip winter-gem-ext-fabric


blue-boolt-woombie cars-woombie meadow-woombie moo-cow-woombie my-love-woombie somebunnyn-woombie flowy-flowers-main
Blue Bolt Bye Bye Cars Wildflowers Moo Gray Cow My Love/Hearts SomeBunnyLoves Me Flowy Flowers
watercolor-roses birdy-stripes 680196671019 pink-ele 680196671064 680196671071 gray-ele
Watercolor Roses Birdy Stripes Watercolor Feathers Pink Elephant Fancy Foxes Beige Zebra Gray Elephant
cross love hero dog-strtipe camo fishy Buzzy-Cars
Gray Crosses Love Super Hero Doggy Stripes Camo Fishy Buzzy Cars
llama-copy sloth mandala air-mod-os air-cars
No Drama Llama Sleepy Sloth Mandala Mint Hello World Gray Little Peanut AIR Mod Circles AIR Blue Cars
air-xo air-roses air-arrows organic-cream air-polka-party air-elephant
AIR XO’s AIR Mod Roses AIR Arrows ORGANIC Cream AIR POLKA Party AIR Happy Elephants
GWM 3 Little Buck,


GWM 3 Gray Bolt,


GWM 3 Gray Herringbone,


GWM 3 Dusty Mint,


GWM 3 Roses,


Internationally Patented, Protected and Enforced!


Additional Information

Weight .31 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 5 x 1 in

WINTER GWM 3, 0-6M, GRAY MOO, GWM 5 Flowy Flowers, GWM 5 Watercolor Roses, GWM 5 Birds & Stripes, GWM 5 Watercolor Feathers, GWM 5 Pink Elephants, GWM 5 Fancy Foxes, GWM 5 Beige Zebra, GWM 5 Mint, My Little Peanut, GWM 5 Gray, Hello World, GWM 5 Gray Elephants, GWM 5 Love Print, GWM 5 Mandala, GWM 5 Crosses, GWM 5 Super Hero, GWM 5 Doggie Stripes, GWM 5 Blue Camo, GWM 5 Fishy, GWM 5 Buzzy Cars, GWM 5 No Drama Llama, GWM 5 Sleepy Sloth, GWM 5 Cream Organic, GWM 5 Twilight Gray, GWM 5 AIR XO’s, GWM 5 AIR Mint Arrows, GWM 5 AIR Happy Elephants, GWM 5 AIR Mod Circles, GWM 5 AIR Blue Cars, GWM 5 AIR Mod Roses, GWM 5 My Love/Hearts, GWM 5 Wildflowers, GWM 5 Moo Gray, GWM 5 SomeBunny Loves Me, GWM/5 Blue Bolt, GWM 5 Bye Bye Cars, GWM AIR 5 POLKA PARTY, GWM 3 Gray Herringbone, GWM 3 Gray Bolt, GWM 3 Little Buck, GWM 3 Dusty Mint, GWM 3 Roses,

6 reviews for Grow With Me Swaddle

  1. 5 out of 5


    We absolutely love this swaddle. My Jackson uses this every night and has been since he was 4 weeks old. Woombie’s are the only swaddles he can’t break out of.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Hi Woombie makers,
    I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your product. My husband and I just adopted a sweet girl who spent many days in NICU because of drug withdrawal. The awesome nurses put baby in a Woombie and it was the start to a vast improvement. We bought some on Amazon so they would be ready for us when we got home. This product was a large piece of a puzzle to help her get better.

    Peace and grace,

  3. 5 out of 5



    My name is Stephanie Maudlin. Our son is a year and a half and we used the Woombie with him when he was younger so all of us could sleep soundly. The Woombie was so much better than swaddling (especially since my husband could never do it right!) I go to many mom groups and I swear by and recommend them to all of my mommy friends!

    I can’t speak highly enough about the Woombie. Thank you for the precious gift of sleep you gave to our family! Thank you!

  4. 5 out of 5


    We love the Woombie Grow-with-Me. It is really versatile and I love the fact that it will last a long time and I won’t have to keep buying sleepsacks as my son grows. I was forever taking guesses at which size sacks to buy and he always seemed to be on the cusp of one size and another – meaning he was always in a sack that was either too big or too small!

    The sack has a lovely quality feel, is well made and feels very soft. My son loved the snuggly feeling of being enclosed and I like being able to offer him the option of arms out on the days when I feel he would benefit from it. As he gets older, I can vary the amount of time he spends arms in/out as he adjusts to this sleeping this way. Some days he is more fussy than others so I just tuck him in nice and tight and he sleeps very soundly. On days when he is feeling bold, i just pop his arms out and he gets the chance to learn to sleep without swaddling.

    It is easy enough to pick him up for feeds when he is fully tucked in as he resembles a solid sausage, so I just lift him bottom and shoulders. Without the sack, I would put him down after feeding and his arms would fall to the sides, waking him up. He doesn’t do this now and so I can get him fed and back in bed in a suitably dreamy state that he goes back to full sleep very quickly.
    Jennifer C, UK.

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Woombie is the best swaddle! We tried five other swaddles before Woombie and our little one kept breaking out and waking up. The first night we used a Woombie, our little one slept 8 hours straight at two months old. The whole family loves the Woombie. Thank you for this amazing swaddle!

  6. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    We love the Grow With Me Swaddle! Excellent quality, very breathable, and works like a charm. Not to mention all of the adorable prints to choose from. We as well as many people we’ve talked to have had nothing but good things to say about it. Definitely recommended!

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