Grow With Me Swaddle


  • ADJUSTABLE BIRTH TO 18 MONTHS: swaddle + wearable blanket all in one!
  • EASY + CONVENIENT: Always have the next size on hand as baby grows (and they grow fast!). No more guessing game on what size up you need – adjust perfectly for your baby’s needs.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Saves parents hundreds of dollars from having to buy next size up swaddles + sleep sacks.
  • SAFE: Requires no wrapping – safest swaddle. One-step swaddle – no origami skills needed. Stays in place all night removing the risk of babies busting out and swaddle covering airways.
  • EFFECTIVE: Recreates womb environment to calm fussy babies and promote longer / healthier sleep.
  • TEACHES BABY CRUCIAL SELF-SOOTHING SKILL: Hands Over Heart swaddle position.  Teaches babies to self-soothe which means they learn to fall asleep on their own. VERY IMPORTANT.
  • VERSATILE: Arms in swaddle. Arms out swaddle when baby begins to roll. Then transforms into a sleep bag with extended length for continued arms-free sleep.

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“I love the Grow with Me Swaddle because as baby grows, I always have the next swaddle or sleep sack size on hand from birth to 18 months. Savvy parenting!” – Jessica Nickson.

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Best easy swaddle newborn

best swaddle newborn


Internationally Patented, Protected and Enforced! Patented-United States Patent Nos. 10,455,865; D851,361; and D851,362

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