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The Organic AIR Tee™ is a lightweight, breathable Onesie designed to prevent overheating.

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The Organic AIR Tee™ is a lightweight, breathable 100% cotton baby onesie designed to prevent overheating.

Soft and supple, designed with the finest 100% Organic Cotton

  • Use under swaddles and sleepers
  • Use in warm weather with shorts, skirt or jeans
  • Absorbant, layers
  • Comfortable


Aqua/Orange Aqua/White Gray/White White/Purple
Gray/Light Pink Mint/White Lime/Med Blue Gray/ Hot Pink

Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 2 in
Color & Size

0-3M gray/white 2 pack, 3-6M gray/white 2 pack, 6-9M gray/white 2 pack, 0-3M aqua/orange 2 pack, 0-3M mint/white 2 pack, 3-6M mint/white 2 pack, 0-3M lime/med blue 2 pack, 3-6M lime/med blue 2 pack, 3-6M gray/hot pink 2 pack, 0-3M grey/mint 2 pack, 6-9M grey/mint 2 pack, 3-6M grey/mint 2 pack, 0-3M Vivid Pink, 3-6M Vivid Pink, 6-12M Vivid Pink, 0-3M Medium Blue, 3-6M Medium Blue, 6-12M Medium Blue, 0-3M Baby Pink, 3-6M Baby Pink, 6-12M Baby Pink, 0-3M Baby Blue, 3-6M Baby Blue, 6-12M Baby Blue, 0-3M Baby Gray, 3-6M Baby Gray, 6-12M Baby Gray, 0-3M Baby Green, 3-6M Baby Green, 6-12M Baby Green, 0-3M Cream, 3-6M Cream, 6-12M Cream, 0-3M Lime Green, 3-6M Lime Green, 6-12M Lime Green, 0-3M Pink/Gray 2 pack, 0-3M Green/Green 2 pack, 3-6M Green/Green 2 pack

2 reviews for Organic AIR Tee ™

  1. Kate M

    Really great, light weight and my baby is definitely cooler! Kate M

  2. Marion A

    A great product and great price! Marion A

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