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The Soothie Suit Special Edition Woombie was created for our customers in need of a soothing product for sensory and special needs purposes.

This special needs onesie is used and recommended for sleep, safety, therapy sessions to quiet movements, reduce tremors, relax the mind/body and provide a gentle comfortable hugging feeling using the concept of swaddle theory. Use this special needs onesie under the supervision of a health care provider.

For weight 35-50 lbs (smaller versions available on the Convertible Leggies page).

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••• Custom Sizes Available with request, please email Karen Barski, RN BSN at for inquiry. Prices $66+***

Color: Mod Gray Circles

The “Soothie Suit” Special Edition Woombie was created for our customers in need of a soothing swaddling product larger than our MEGA sized Convertible Leggies. This product is used and recommended for use during supervised therapy sessions to quiet movements, relax the mind/body and provide a gentle comfortable hugging feeling through swaddling.  This specific design will fit a child 35-50 lbs + and is approx 33″ in length measured from the shoulders down. *(We have a smaller version on the Convertible Leggies page which fits 25-35 lbs.)*

It is recommended that you consult with your child’s Physician prior to using this product to ensure its necessity as well as preference over a typical weighted baby blanket.

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Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 7 × 1.5 in

6 reviews for Soothie Suit

  1. Sara Anderson

    love this product!

    This product was the only thing that would calm my son down at night enough to sleep. He absolutely loved the Woombie swaddle! It gave him the comfort he needed to sleep by keeping his arms loosely against his body. Nothing else worked for us. The Woombie gives Parker a restful nights sleep! I would recommend this product to anyone who has a child with sensory or movement disorder like my son. It has made a world of difference!!!

  2. Ginny Mooney

    great comfort

    My 8 year old daughter has multiple special needs and with her sensory issues, one thing she loves the feeling of being swaddled. Prior to finding the Woombie, most fabrics and blankets were too hot or just wouldn’t stay put. This Woombie is perfect for her. It has the perfect amount of stretch. She holds her stuffed animal inside the woombie and has the freedom and mobility with the legs while still feeling swaddled and secure. It has been a great aid in her struggles with sleep!

  3. Dawn Thomas

    Soooo helpful

    My son has spastic upper extremities cause by a neurological disorder. He has broken his arm twice getting it caught in the crib railing. This product is such a lifesaver because not only does it keep his arms snug and safe but also it calms his mind and body which was not even an expected effect . Thank you!!!!! Dawn T

  4. momnurse

    I wish we’d had these 20 years ago

    My son has Asperger syndrome and I was still swaddling him in grade school. this is the best item ever and I highly recommend this both as a nurse and as a mom of a special needs child (now adult)

  5. Amber S Roberson

    Hello, Woombie! I am writing you to leave a review for the Soothie Suit. Our 6 year old son is on the autism spectrum, and has high sensory needs. We have battled with his sleep since the time he was a baby, until we got did some research and stumbled upon Woombie. The shipment came quickly and we were very surprised at the quality of the material! Let’s move on to the first night…. before I do, we need you to know that our son for 4 years now has not slept longer then 4 hours a night. Which required for one of us to be up while he was. Ok! First night, we as an entire family were NERVOUS. Will this just be a waste of money?? After hundreds of dollars spent?? Well, we put the soothie on him. Asked how it felt. He said “very comfy” and he closed his eyes and went to sleep. ALL of us (myself, my husband and 2 eldest sons woke up 4 hours later, just out of routine….. he was asleep! He slept through the night and has slept every night since. This has been a HUGE blessing! Thank you

    Amber S Roberson

  6. woombiestore

    I contacted Karen asking for am adult sized soothie suit for myself, as I have a sensory disorder and weighted blankets haven’t worked so well for me. She was extremely accommodating, and helped me design a suit that would fit my needs perfectly. She also caught a mistake in my measurements, which certainly saved a lot of time and hassle. Since receiving the suit, I have slept extremely well, with no more tossing and turning, just a calm, happy sleep. Highly recommended!

    Zach H

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