Soothie Sack®

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Solving the lost pacifier epidemic!

Baby Soothie Swaddle® with 2 built in pacifiers to keep babies soothing needs in check all night long!



The Soothie-Sack® solves the lost pacifier epidemic:

  • Self Soothing, keeps babies soothing needs in check all night long!
  • Assists with hand eye/mouth coordination
  • 2 Nature Soothe Pacifiers included
  • On the heather gray and mint striped versions,  the pacifier is non-detachable from garment, the elephant version IS DETACHABLE from garment (see alternate images)
  • Newer versions have either pacifiers sewn on or loops so you can use your own pacifier!
  • Patented Design

Sizes: (feedback is that the newer striped soothie sacks run on the large side)

  • 0-3M, 5-13 lbs
  • 3-6M, 14-19 lbs
  • 6-9M, 20-26 lbs
  • 9-12M
  • 12-18M
  • 18-24M


  • 95% Cotton/5% spandex exclusive of decoration
  • Pacifiers: 100% food grade silicone, BPA free/Phthalate Free

NEW 2021 Prints:

Fairy Bunny with Paci Gray Rainbow with Paci Sleepy Sheep with Paci Love You To The Moon w/Paci Constellation with Paci
Fairy Bunny with Loop Gray Rainbow with Loop Sleepy Sheep with Loop Love You to Moon with Loop Constellation with Loop

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Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 2 in
Size & Color

0-3M Gray Ele Green Pacifiers, 3-6M Gray Ele /Green Pacifiers, 6-9M Gray Ele Green Pacifiers, 9-12M Gray/White Paci, 0-3M Gray Green Pacifiers, 3-6M Gray /Green Pacifiers, 6-9M Gray Green Pacifiers, 0-3M Mint Stripes/Gray Paci, 3-6M Mint Stripes/Gray Paci, 6-9M Mint Stripes/Gray Paci, 9-12M Mint Stripes/Gray Paci, 12-18M Gray Stripes/Mint Paci, 18-24M Gray Stripes/Mint Paci, 0-3M Fairy Bunnies/White Paci, 3-6M Fairy Bunnies/White Paci, 0-3M Fairy Bunnies/Loop, 3-6M Fairy Bunnies/Loop, 6-9M Fairy Bunnies/Loop, 9-12M Fairy Bunnies/Loop, 12-18M Fairy Bunnies/Loop, 18-24M Fairy Bunnies/Loop, 0-3M Constellation/White Paci, 3-6M Constellation/White Paci, 0-3M Constellation/Loop, 3-6M Constellation/Loop, 6-9M Constellation/Loop, 9-12M Constellation/Loop, 12-18M Constellation/Loop, 18-24M Constellation/Loop, 0-3M Gray Rainbow/White Paci, 3-6M Gray Rainbow/White Paci, 0-3M Gray Rainbow/Loop, 3-6M Gray Rainbow/Loop, 6-9M Gray Rainbow/Loop, 9-12M Gray Rainbow/Loop, 12-18M Gray Rainbow/Loop, 18-24M Gray Rainbow/Loop, 0-3M Love You to the Moon/White Paci, 3-6M Love You to the Moon/White Paci, 0-3M Love You to the Moon/Loop, 3-6M Love You to the Moon/Loop, 6-9M Love You to the Moon/Loop, 9-12M Love You to the Moon/Loop, 12-18M Love You to the Moon/Loop, 18-24M Love You to the Moon/Loop, 0-3M Sleepy Sheep/White Paci, 3-6M Sleepy Sheep/White Paci, 0-3M Sleepy Sheep/Loop, 3-6M Sleepy Sheep/Loop, 6-9M Sleepy Sheep/Loop, 9-12M Sleepy Sheep/Loop, 12-18M Sleepy Sheep/Loop, 18-24M Sleepy Sheep/Loop

7 reviews for Soothie Sack®

  1. Mara

    Love love love this! OMG my baby can find her pacifier now at night!

  2. Margo

    These are really cool, wish i found them with my first 3! Margo

  3. Ken

    Hi Woombie! I just wanted to thank you for making this product, it has literally saved my sanity! Kennith W

  4. Beth C

    I had spent hundreds on all the possible options for sleep sacs/swaddles…. but closest runner up to this one for him was the Zipadee zip, which is comparable in price, pales drastically in quality and only provided me with a few hours uninterrupted sleep but still multiple times to help his soothe.
    From the first time I zipped it onto his bod, he calmed, found his soothie on his flipper (I call it lol) and it was love. I was cautiously optimistic when he went to bed…. but I woke up 13 hrs later before he even did!!!! Wth!!! Nope he wasn’t kidnapped! He slept straight through!!!!! Wow rested is something I could get used to but probably just a fluke. Nope!!! Every night but one since he has slept 9 hrs minimum per night. So as u can see…. I love u!
    Your loyal, die-hard customer til the bitter end,
    Beth Clayton 😉

  5. Karie G

    SUCH a useful product! This literally saved me from going insane! My 6 month old was able to finally self soothe- no lost pacifiers! I cannot thank you enough!

  6. Mel

    Love Love Love this product, it truly helped me transition from a swaddle and teach my LO to self soothe

  7. Tina P

    Why wasn’t this around with my other 3 children?! I def would have gotten more sleep! So happy to have stumbled upon the Woomnbie Soothie Sack! A lifesaver! Tina P

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