Wrap & Snap ®

The WRAP & SNAP®…The Original Woombie with an extra hug.

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The WRAP & SNAP®…The Original Woombie with an extra hug.


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Lullaby, Paris Blush, Hedgehog/detachable wrap

The Woombie Wrap & Snap® was designed for the baby in need of a bit more upper body security in swaddling. Simply secure wing to create an increased swaddle effect. The Woombie Wrap & Snap® is a one piece unit, the wrap for swaddling is not a separate item.

  • Place baby in Woombie, tucking feet in.
  • Snap the chin flap , and zip.
  • Wrap the wing to the right firmly and then behind baby.
  • Secure wing in front, adjusting the firmness as needed for desired swaddling.


 Woombie……. Swaddling the way nature intended

Swaddling has been proven  to help babies sleep better, longer &  safer.  The Woombie swaddle has received over 20 awards for design & innovation  and has been nominated as  “Moms Favorite Swaddle”  for effectiveness and ease of use.  Our Infant Care Specialists at  Woombie do not believe in restricting the arms and hips to establish successful sleep patterns through swaddling. By  allowing natural “womb-like” movement to occur during swaddling, baby’s transition from womb to world will be more effective and appreciated by moms and little ones.

Woombie Swaddle Wrap Features:

·        Ergonomically shaped design allows a more natural approach to swaddling

·        Easy to use- 1 step swaddle, no origami required

·        Will not unravel like a square baby blanket, potentially covering the airway

·        Encourages back sleeping, as babies are more likely to maintain on their backs in swaddling

·        Prevents the Moro/Startle reflex by gently cocooning baby’s arms during swaddling

·        Prevents the rooting reflex and face scratching by keeping hands away from face during swaddling

·        Promotes self soothing by allowing baby to hold/touch his hands inside the swaddle

·        Hip healthy and shoulder healthy  swaddling design allows for unrestricted motion

·        Stretchy but snug swaddling fabric simulates the feeling our being held, touched & cuddled

·        Narrowed waistline gently compresses the abdomen, helping to eliminate gas related issues  & provide additional tummy comfort during swaddling

·        Multi-dimensional swaddling fabric snuggles & moves “with” baby, mimicking the womb like environment baby was  accustomed to

·        Allows natural arm and leg movement during swaddling while asleep

·        1 layer lightweight & breathable swaddling fabric helps to prevent overheating

·        Two-way zipper in the swaddle allows for easy diaper changes at night

·        Seamless swaddling interior provides more comfort for baby

·        Designed by a Certified Infant Care Specialist &  Nursing team

·        Can be used in strollers and swings (Convertible/Leggie’s versions can be used for swaddling in a car seat in the arms out position)

·        Swaddling eases the transition from womb to world

·        Easy swaddle cleaning/care

U.S. Patent No. 8,607,364  / Canadian Registered Design No 154282 / European Registered Design No 002164780-007 to 010 /  Australian Registered Design No 348331

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Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 1 in
Color & Size

Paris Pink 14-19 lbs with vent, Lullaby Gray 14-19 lbs with vent, Hedgehog 5-13 lbs, Hedgehog 14-19 lbs, Hedgehog 20-25 lbs


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