How to Keep Baby Cool and Comfy in the Stroller

How to Keep Baby Cool and Comfy in the StrollerNow that it’s summer, we want to spend some time outdoors with our kids. But the sun can be brutal on your little baby.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside for the season. Follow these simple tips to keep your baby cool when you’re out and about in the stroller.

1. Stay out of the sun

Even though your stroller may have a sun shade, it’s still hot outside in most parts of the country. There’s little reason to be spending a lot of time outside with a child under three months old. The sun (even stray rays) can easily cause sunburn. A sunburn early in life greatly reduces the risk of skin cancer later in life.

2. Stay in the shade

When you’re outside, it’s best to spend as much time in the shade as possible. If you’ll be playing outside, set up under a pavilion or tree. At the very least, stay in the shady side of a building (if it’s early or late enough in the day so the shadows are long).

3. Get some air moving

Whatever you do, don’t park the stroller in the sun. If you can’t avoid the sun, keep moving at a good pace so air flows over your baby. I recommend picking up a little battery powered fan that you can attach somewhere to your stroller. Those ones attached to a spray bottle for an occasional mist are nice too.

4. Skip the blankets

Sure, that blanket is soft, but any additional layer on your baby is just causing more heat to get trapped underneath. Buckle your child into the stroller seat so they are safe, but don’t pack them in with blankets or extra layers. Even plush toys can trap heat.

5. Keep baby hydrated

The most important way to stay cool is to keep water flowing into your baby so he/she can sweat the heat out properly. Offer breastmilk or a bottle often. You should be giving fluids before your child is requesting them.

6. Clear the sweat off

When we sweat, our body sends heat out through the water on our skin. But if the sweat stays on the skin, the heat never really leaves. If you see your baby sweating, wipe it off from time to time (although honestly if your child is sweating to the point where you have to wipe them off, you should get out of the sun right away).

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