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Baby Swaddle Expert Guru - Press + Speaking


Karen Barski

Karen is the inventor of the Woombie swaddle (a product that changed the entire swaddling industry for the better), owner of KB Designs, LLC and founder of Million Dollar Momz by Mommy Concepts. She is a medical professional, mom of 5, Certified Infant Care Specialist, RN of 23 years, and known as THE Baby Swaddle Guru.

Karen has designed and launched over 200 safe sleep products and her mission is to educate parents and the parenting industry on how to safely and confidently swaddle baby while achieving healthy sleep for everyone in the family.

The Woombie Story

Years ago when my baby was faced with a dangerous sleep situation, I searched the market for something “different” than the typical square swaddle blanket— and found nothing. We tried every solution on the market and we kept finding our little baby girl with the swaddle unraveled and up over her face making her red and hot – scary to say the least. Our little preemie had a super startle reflex and mighty mouse strength so she needed to be swaddled – but she kept busting out of the swaddle and waking up EVERY 15 minutes. After 2 weeks of no sleep, exhausted and determined, I took out my grandmother’s sewing machine in the middle of one sleepless night and invented my own product, the Woombie! The Woombie has now made over a million parents and babies extremely happy by providing them with much needed sleep. 10 years later, the Woombie brand is stronger than ever and continues to offer new styles and designs each season as parents continue to vote Woombie as the number one trusted baby swaddle.


Safe Swaddling

The Woombie requires no wrapping and is safer and more effective than traditional swaddle blankets. It works by recreating the womb environment that baby needs to feel warm and secure, but it also allows baby to stretch and move around without having flailing arms and legs. With traditional swaddle blankets, they pose risks that aren’t often talked about, such as hip dysplasia, overheating (which is linked to SIDS), as well as unraveling blankets, which can potentially suffocate a baby. They also cause parental exhaustion due to mom or dad waking up to re-wrap baby sometimes 4-10 times a night when their blankets kick off. The Woombie eliminates these safety risks to promote a more natural and peaceful sleep environment for infants resulting in longer periods of sleep with less restlessness.


  • Use a swaddle that makes it easy for you; wrapping with a blanket does take skill even though the maternity nurses make it look so easy! Also, using a traditional square swaddle blanket often comes unraveled which means baby wakes up and you have to wrap and re-wrap constantly. Choose an easy in, easy out swaddle like the Woombie. Just put baby in and zip! Two-way zipper makes for easy diaper changes.
  • Remember BACK IS BEST: Place baby on his/her back to sleep
  • Do not over swaddle. Overheating is a risk factor of SIDS and it’s easy to swaddle baby in too many layers without realizing. An easy solution is to use a ventilated baby swaddle like the Woombie Air so there is no wrapping involved and excess heat escapes through the unique air permeable vent.
  • Don’t swaddle too tightly or baby could suffer from hip dysplasia. Baby should have full range of motion of the hips and legs. Wrapping tightly with a swaddle blanket can limit range of motion so that’s why we made our Woombie baby swaddle from special 4-way stretch fabric so baby is gently cocooned but can move naturally – just like they did in the womb!
  • Hands over heart swaddle position. Swaddling baby with hands to the side and tightly wrapped is not the best position for baby. If you look at how baby is positioned in the womb it’s with their hands together over their heart. The Woombie swaddle keeps babies in this optimal position.
  • When baby begins to roll it may not be safe to swaddle baby with arms in anymore. Once rolling occurs, discontinue swaddling. You can also stop swaddling once baby is naturally ready. We designed an arms-free swaddle called the Convertible Woombie so when baby begins to roll, arms come out but the rest of the baby remains swaddled. 

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