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Treating Infant Torticollis

Does my baby have Torticollis? Torticollis is a common condition among infants. Don’t worry, there are many different ways to prevent and correct this issue. Torticollis can basically cause an infant to hold her head tilted and/or turned to one side instead of centered in the middle. Due to the tight neck muscles forming and … Continued

Tips for Making Feeding Time Fun

Young children can sometimes be a little extra fussy when it’s feeding time. The key to an easy, successful, meal for your children is to make it enjoyable for them. If you can manage to make feeding time fun for the little one, it’ll definitely be more fun for you as well. Try these tips … Continued

Ensuring Baby is at a Healthy Weight

Once your new baby has arrived, its health is usually the number one priority for parents. As such, the baby’s weight and eating habits should be monitored and planned accordingly to make sure your child is getting the nutrition it needs. Here are some tips to ensure your baby is at a healthy weight. Monitor … Continued

Is the Air Quality of Your Home Good for Baby?

Environmental conditions for a newborn baby can be quite acute. Everything from the cleanliness of the home to the quality of air can greatly impact a child that has never experienced the world before. The air that you breathe can have a profound result on your infant even though you are unaffected. While everyone knows … Continued

Spreading the word, “Never Shake a Baby!”

Baby Haleigh Donation Fund   At Little Toader, we believe in bringing attention to causes that touch our heart. There are so many great causes out there. We want to share with you the Baby Haleigh Donation Fund. Created to bring awareness and to share the message, “Never shake a baby”, and to help provide … Continued