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Best Ways to Deal with Night Terrors in Babies

Best Ways to Deal with Night Terrors in Babies Did you know that up to thirty percent of the baby population in the world gets night terrors? So you are not alone. Besides, the terrors are not fatal; thus, don’t be stressed. However, as a normal parent, you want an expert opinion on how to deal with … Continued

Choosing a Bassinet for Your Baby

At one time, bassinets were more popular for infants than the crib. A bassinet isn’t a baby necessity like diapers or a stroller, but a lot of parents have been turning to them lately. Many parents are using bassinets in their bedrooms now, instead of putting baby down to sleep in another room. Here’s why … Continued

Should You Use a White Noise Machine?

When your baby was in the womb, she was exposed to all sorts of sounds all the time. Not only could she hear sounds from outside your body (like people talking, music playing, or ambient noises), she could also hear sounds from inside your body (like your heart beat, blood flow, lungs inflating, and even … Continued

6 Ways to Deal With Colic in Babies

As you may very well know by now, babies are tough little individuals to keep happy at all times. The most inevitable action of a newborn baby is that they will cry. Sometimes, babies will cry even more than normal when they experience the pains of colic. A baby who suffers from colic will need … Continued

The Woombie PLUS: Safety First

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all babies are put down on their backs to sleep. The “back to sleep” position drastically reduces the likelihood of SIDS. We don’t know exactly what causes SIDS or why the back position is effective, but the numbers don’t lie: since the Back to Sleep campaign in the … Continued