8 Diaper Bag Items You’ll Need on Your Family Vacation

Around this time of year, many families are beginning to plan vacations. You might be visiting a relative, an exotic beach, or taking your family to the old fashioned family favorite: Disney World. If you’re off to Orlando, I have two pieces of importance advice: 1) Stay in a vacation home rental near Disney so … Continued

5 Signs That You Should be Introducing Solid Foods

I always love watching little ones try food for the first time. Their expressions are priceless! If you can manage, have someone video your baby’s reaction when he tries something new. While breast milk the best source of nutrition for a baby less than a year old, there’s no harm in introducing your little one … Continued

What to Expect in the First 24 Hours with Your New Baby

Your first day with baby might be a bit overwhelming. You’ll wonder if you’re doing everything correctly. You’ll wonder if everything is happening as it is supposed to, or if something is wrong. You’ll be calling your family and Googling all sorts of questions. Here’s what you can expect in your first 24 hours with … Continued

5 Fun Ways to Choose a Baby Name

Picking a perfect name for your newborn can feel more like of a chore rather than something enjoyable for parents. Naming your baby should be a bonding experience for couples as another step in your passage to parenthood. A name is the first way everyone who meets your child is going to begin to identify … Continued

How to Treat Acid Reflux in Babies

Acid reflux, or gastro-esophageal reflux, is one of the most common infant feeding issues. About twenty-five percent of all babies experience it. Infant acid reflux can cause a whole range of symptoms. Mild symptoms could be frequent (but painless) spitting up. Severe symptoms might include restlessness, abdominal pain, and trouble staying asleep. In fact, acid … Continued