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What to do When Your Child Starts Swearing

It can be shocking the first time you hear your child say an expletive. Suddenly the cute little toddler or small child that runs around your house has the capacity to hurt people and be mean. They’ve been soaking up information and language for a couple years now, which includes the undesirable stuff. If your … Continued

6 Tips for Transitioning to Sippy Cups

As a parent, we long to see our children overcome obstacles and grow up. It’s one of the best parts of being a parent: cheering beside your children. It doesn’t seem like much, but transitioning from a bottle or breastfeeding to a cup is a big deal. But some kids may be apprehensive and resist. … Continued

Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Children

If your little one desperately clings to you when you leave or appears to be in a near panic when you aren’t in the room, you’re probably dealing with separation anxiety. On a basic level, children know that their survival depends on you, so the idea that you’ll be somewhere else is terrifying. They can’t … Continued

The 5 Common Mistakes You Make While Potty Training

Potty training is one of the hardest things you’ll face with your toddler. You’ll probably hear moms brag that their kids just seemed to potty train themselves, but that rarely happens. There is a ton of potty training information (including some great potty training books) out there, yet parents are constantly making the same potty … Continued

Art of Playful Learning – Edutainment

How play is important for learning and cognitive development! The importance of play was first described by Dutch researcher Huizinga in his treatise; he refers to play as a “meaningful activity, which is carried out for its own sake; in a separate space and has separate time allotted for it”. The art of playful learning … Continued