5 Ways to Treat Your Baby’s Eczema

It’s very common for babies to develop red, crusty patches of skin during the first few months of life. For some babies it will last into adolescence but for others they will outgrow it. It can appear anywhere on baby and the skin will appear dry and rough. Typically eczema will show up on baby’s … Continued

Ensuring Baby is at a Healthy Weight

Once your new baby has arrived, its health is usually the number one priority for parents. As such, the baby’s weight and eating habits should be monitored and planned accordingly to make sure your child is getting the nutrition it needs. Here are some tips to ensure your baby is at a healthy weight. Monitor … Continued

Baby’s First Finger Foods

When your child is ready for the solid foods, they’ll most likely want to grab and eat anything in sight. While introducing these solid foods to your baby is completely normal, you’ll certainly want to give them something healthy and nutritious. Also, small finger foods are perfect for their little hands and mouths. Here are … Continued

5 Simple Pregnancy Workouts to Keep Mom Active

All the experts agree that once you become pregnant, it’s healthy to keep getting exercise. Not only will a regular exercise routine keep you feeling healthy throughout your term, but it will make labor easier too. Fortunately, you don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment. Exercise can be had right in the comfort of … Continued