6 Tips for Avoiding the Flu as a Family

Well, it’s flu season. The trouble with the flu is that it’s an ever-changing virus. Every year it’s different, that’s why we can get it over and over. It changes just enough to get by our bodies’ defenses. We make vaccines every year, but they’re ineffective the next year. A flu, while simple to treat, … Continued

8 Multi-Tasking Tips for Busy Moms

For a modern mom, balancing a family, a career, and a personal life can seem impossible. It seems there’s always something to do. It challenging, but it can be done if you’re willing to multi-task. Here are some tips that might help. 1. Keep a to-do list – Our memories aren’t perfect, so we can … Continued

4 Ways to Make Laundry Your Favorite Chore

For most mothers, doing the family’s laundry is not on the top of your favorites list because it’s time consuming and just plain boring. Your children’s clothes may be small but the quantity almost doubles your adult sized laundry loads, making laundry your longest and biggest chore. Here are 4 ways to make laundry an … Continued