8 Multi-Tasking Tips for Busy Moms

For a modern mom, balancing a family, a career, and a personal life can seem impossible. It seems there’s always something to do. It challenging, but it can be done if you’re willing to multi-task. Here are some tips that might help. 1. Keep a to-do list – Our memories aren’t perfect, so we can … Continued

6 Ways for Parents to Get Some Much-Needed Sleep

Whether you have a newborn or an eight-month old, sleep comes at a premium. Even if you’re only getting up twice a night, it can sleep play havoc with your sleep schedule. Here are some simple adjustments you can make to get more sleep. 1. Get some rest while your baby sleeps I’m sure you’ve … Continued

What to do When Your Child Has Chickenpox

Chickenpox were once an inevitable part of childhood that required serious medical attention. Today however, most healthy children can be treated at home after a brief meeting with a doctor. When their chickenpox (varicella) is treated straight away, those horrifying complications many of us recall from childhood can all be avoided. You can take some … Continued

10 Ways to Capture the Perfect Baby Portrait

Babies are full of energy we adults can only wish we still had. Getting a baby to sit down in general can be challenging. Getting a baby to sit still for a photo without looking like a deer caught in headlights can be an even bigger challenge. The most important tip for taking baby photos … Continued

Helping Mom Get the Sleep She Needs

As a parent, we talk a lot about baby sleep. We analyze our children’s sleep schedules, judge their needs and bend over backwards to help them get the sleep they need. But what about moms? There have definitely been some mornings for me where I laid in bed, looking up at the ceiling, wishing I … Continued