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6 Ways for Parents to Get Some Much-Needed Sleep

Whether you have a newborn or an eight-month old, sleep comes at a premium. Even if you’re only getting up twice a night, it can sleep play havoc with your sleep schedule. Here are some simple adjustments you can make to get more sleep. 1. Get some rest while your baby sleeps I’m sure you’ve … Continued

What to Expect in the First 24 Hours with Your New Baby

Your first day with baby might be a bit overwhelming. You’ll wonder if you’re doing everything correctly. You’ll wonder if everything is happening as it is supposed to, or if something is wrong. You’ll be calling your family and Googling all sorts of questions. Here’s what you can expect in your first 24 hours with … Continued

3 Sleep Tips for Traveling With Little Ones

I was recently asked about traveling with little ones and how to keep their sleep intact in my weekly Q&A segment on Hoboken Mommies 24-7. Here are my 3 sleep tips for traveling with your little ones:   Stick As Closely as Possible to Your Baby’s Schedule Help make the transition easier:  Even though your … Continued