Ways You Can Balance Your Hormones During Your Pregnancy

From extreme fatigue to feeling overly emotional, there are many ways that an imbalance of hormones can make you feel out of sorts while pregnant. Having a hormone imbalance can make your pregnancy challenging, and can be difficult to cope with for most women. To ensure that you regulate the hormones through natural methods, there … Continued

7 Ear Infection Symptoms to Look Out For

Ear infections are a common problem that young children face. The canal that connects the middle ear to the throat is a breeding ground for bacteria. In a small area (like a baby’s head), fluid collects and transfers bacteria around. As a baby grows, her inner parts enlarge and bacteria can’t traverse as easily. As … Continued

Baby Swaddling Myths and Truths

As a parent to a newborn, there’s something you going to learn how to do very quickly: swaddle your baby. The swaddle is an important technique that helps calm babies and put them to sleep easily. The first few months of your baby’s life with involve a lot of sleeping, so it’s important you make it … Continued