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Instant Motherhood: What to Expect with a New Baby

Many parents think that the long nights and tiring months filled with worry that lead to the day the baby is born will prepare them for this instant bundle of joy. However, many new mothers are surprised to learn that their baby is not the “average” child they have read about in every possible book … Continued

5 Things Every New Mom Should Know

Becoming a mother is by far my greatest accomplishment thus far. In these past 4 months, it has taught me the true meaning of love, tested my patience, and made me realize that things I thought were important in my pre baby life have nothing on this new journey called motherhood. I would be lying … Continued

Surviving the 4th Trimester

You survived 9 whole months, 3 trimesters to be exact, of pregnancy. If you are anything like me, you planned until you were blue in the face and then suddenly all the planning pays off when one day the moment arrives and you finally meet your little creation. This is a day I will NEVER … Continued