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Instant Motherhood: What to Expect with a New Baby

Many parents think that the long nights and tiring months filled with worry that lead to the day the baby is born will prepare them for this instant bundle of joy. However, many new mothers are surprised to learn that their baby is not the “average” child they have read about in every possible book … Continued

What Parents Should Know About The Fourth Trimester

In order to accommodate the shift that allows human women to walk upright, their bodies have undergone a gradual evolutionary change that leaves their pelvises roughly 30% smaller than those of their homo erectusancestors. The size of infants brains and the heads that house them have, in that time, gotten larger, according to studies conducted by … Continued

Danger Signs to Remember

Below is a list of important newborn danger signs that every parent should be aware of: I. Fever over 99.6 degrees F or 37.6 C II. Change in baby’s behavior: Crying without stopping Fussy and hard to comfort Not able to wake up III. Decrease in eating IV. More than four watery stools in eight … Continued