5 Essential Car Seat Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe

essential car seat tips to keep kids safeUsing car seats is the law and it is also recommended by numerous attorneys including accident attorney Joseph M. Todd. Children must be protected in the car because accidents can be quite harsh, and there is no way for children to remain safe when they are not strapped into a car seat properly. Each of the five tips below will help to keep kids safe in car seats.

1. Use The Right Seat

Seats are graded for kids based on the height and weight of the kid. When kids get bigger, it becomes necessary to change car seats to something that supports their height and weight. Without the change, the kids would be unsafe in the wrong seat.

2. Use The “Latch”

The latch system in most modern cars is made to attach carseats to. While carseats can be strapped into a car with the seatbelts, the latch system is much more safe and even more reliable for parents. This prevents kids from accidentally unstrapping the seat, and the latch hooks are built into the frame of the car in most cases.

3. Strap The Kids In Yourself

Parents should all check to make sure that their kids are strapped into their car seats before the car gets moving. Even though kids will grow up and learn how to lock themselves into their seat, it is best for parents to make sure that all the kids are strapped in before they drive the car. Otherwise, a child could have missed parts of the buckling system and not even know it.

4. Get The Straps Over Their Shoulders

Carseat straps are designed to go over the shoulders of the kids in the car. While these carseat straps may be difficult to deal with, the carseat is not safe unless the straps are over the shoulders of the child. The shoulder straps keep the child in the seat more than anything else, and they also prevent whiplash when the car is in an accident.

5. Be Safe Rather Than Sorry

When parents are considering whether their child should be out of a carseat, it is best to safe rather than sorry. Only when a child is obviously bigger enough to stop using the seat should the parent let them sit in a booster.

Keeping kids safe in the car is a very important part of parenting, and every parent who follow s these five tips can keep their kids safer. Car seats are essential tot he safety of children, and they can be used wisely with each of the five tips above.

Guest blog written by Karleia Steiner

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