5 Tips to Keep Baby Warm, Comfy and Safe this Winter

first breathable swaddleWinter can be brutally cold with harsh winds that dry out your skin and can also lead to colds. It’s hard enough to keep yourself warm during this season, and moms sometimes have a harder time trying to keep baby warm and dry. It’s so important to keep baby warm because babies are unable to regulate their body temperatures like adults can and they also don’t have as much body fat as adults. Here are my top tips for parents to keep baby warm during the winter.

1. Dress baby warmly

Before leaving the house in the winter, you need to make sure baby is dressed properly for the weather. Layers are great because you can bundle him up for the outdoors, but once baby is inside the layers should come off to prevent overheating. The easier the layers are to remove, the easier time you’ll have with diaper changes and more. It’s also important that baby wears a hat because heat escapes through the head.

2. Put a blanket over car seat straps, not under

Many parents make the mistake of putting their child in a car seat with a big coat on or a blanket wrapped around them and then securing the car seat straps. For your child’s safety, car seat straps must fit snug against her so there should be no bulky layers or blankets between your child and the strap. Instead, place the blanket over your child on top of the harness strap if it is very cold inside the car.

3. Use a swaddle at night

When putting baby to sleep at night, you don’t want to run the risk of overheating by swaddling baby too tightly or with too many layers. The Woombie Air is the first breathable swaddle that allows excess body heat to escape and requires no wrapping. It is a unique peanut patented shaped swaddle that imitates the comfort and security of the womb resulting in longer periods of sleep. It also makes it easier to dress and undress baby for diaper changes and it’s good for all seasons.

4. Keep baby’s skin moisturized

All of the cold, windy air and indoor dry heat can make baby’s skin very dry. To prevent chapped skin, use unscented lotion on baby before heading outdoors. Keep some in your diaper bag for extra moisturizing while on the go.

5. Don’t overdo baths

Your baby won’t need to take a bath every single day during the winter because the soap and water will dry out his skin. Make sure not to use hot water but stick to lukewarm water and don’t stay in the tub for too long. Close any windows in the bathroom so no cold air will come in that can make baby sick. Again, moisturize baby after taking him out of the bath.

baby swaddleWritten by Karen Barski, BSN, RN, Mother of five, Certified Infant Care Specialist & Instructor, & Inventor of the  Woombie Baby Swaddle

Karen has been an RN for 18 years, and has worked in many different nursing roles. As a Certified Infant Care Specialist, Karen counsels thousands of families yearly on a multitude of issues relating to pregnancy and infancy. Also, as a mother of five, she has invaluable experience and tips to share.

Since 2007, Karen’s company, KB Designs, has invented a line of signature baby swaddle products that have helped parents easily transition their new babies from womb to home. There are multiple designs and sizes so that babies can enjoy the comfort and security of the Woombie up until the time they begin to roll.

Each product has been created and designed by Karen because of a need she identified in her life with her five children. With convenience, safety, and fashion in mind, KB Designs has helped over a half million babies and counting!

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