7 Safety Tips for Your Vacation to Disney

vacation home rental in orlando florida near DisneyMany people vacation in Disney this time of year, so it’s important to go over some safety rules. In large spaces with big crowds, it’s easy to lose your stuff or a person. Use these tips to have a safe vacation in Disney.

1. Review pool safety.

Swimming pools are easy places for injury and even death. When you use the pool at your hotel or vacation home rental near Disney, make sure everyone understands the rules. There should be no running around the pools or diving into shallow ends. No one should swim alone.

2. Create a plan in case someone gets lost.

Make sure you have a plan in place in case your group becomes separated. If your children don’t have cell phones, stick a piece of paper in their pocket with your number and other essential information (like medications and allergies). If you split intentionally, have a designated place to meet later and stick to the schedule.

3. Stay safe in parking lots.

The parking lots outside the theme parks are massive. Cars move quickly through them because of their size and the drivers’ eagerness to get into the park. Go over parking lot rules with your children. Never walk in the middle of a lane. When you’re exiting or packing the car, designate a parking lot safety spot for your children (Parking Pal Magnet is a fun game for kids and keeps them safe).

4. Stay cool and avoid the sun.

The sun is more powerful than many people think. No one is impervious to sun burn and frequent burns can raise your risk of contracting skin cancer. If you don’t keep yourself cooled off, you can suffer from heat exhausted and sunstroke. Drink water before you are thirsty. Take breaks to sit in the shade or air conditioned buildings. Most importantly, wear sunscreen.

5. Abide by the ride height requirement.

Don’t try to sneak your kids on to a ride they are too small for. The height requirements are there to make sure children who are too small don’t slip off the rides. Many of the safety equipment is one-size-fits all. Don’t waste your time in a long line just to be turned away. Fortunately there are plenty of activities for children in Disney.

6. Know your limits.

Before you get on a ride, make sure you’re suitable for it. If you’re pregnant, have heart problems, high blood pressure, or other conditions, avoid intense rides with spins, dips, and fast speeds. If your body isn’t capable of handling it, don’t push yourself. If you can’t find the boarding instructions, ask a staff member.

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