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Soothie Bands


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SoothieBands™ promote parent/child bonding during separation. Hospitalized infants in mother/baby, NICU, or pediatric units wear the bands after the parent has worn them in their bra or on their body to collect pheromones, skin cells, and even let down from breastfeeding mothers. SoothieBands™ hope to promote psychosocial care and support the imprinting process during hospitalization.


The mother-infant bond produced by pheromones is one that begins in the womb and is carried out as long as both mother and child are alive. While humans do not generally readily admit the work of pheromones in their lives, not wanting to admit any animalistic characteristics, it is hard to dispute that pheromones are just as active in humans as they are in nonhumans. From an infant identifying his or her mother’s scent when only a few days old, to a youth who identifies a mother he never knew, pheromones are constantly at work within all of us.

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