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No more wrapping and re-wrapping swaddle blankets. Our unique Woombie design keeps baby comfortable. Simply put baby in, snap and zip!


The Woombie's ergonomic, peanut-shaped design gently hugs your baby recreating the feeling of the womb. It allows baby to move and stretch naturally.


There are several safety concerns associated with loose blankets, including suffocation, hip dysplasia and overheating. Woombie helps to eliminate these risks with a safe, innovative look and feel.


Woombie was Est. in 2007 when a need was recognized for safer swaddling. Since then, Woombie has grown to what it is today while maintaining a family oriented, grassroots business approach. With over 1 million happy babies and parents, Woombie swaddles have been proudly recognized as one of the top baby swaddles in the world! Developmentally designed, the Woombie Hands Over Heart™ sleep position has been recognized as the healthiest way for babies to sleep, allowing skin-on-skin contact, mimicking parental touch and fostering self soothing while maintaining rigid safe sleep and safe swaddle standards. Woombie swaddling promotes important back sleeping and assists with symptoms of colic with it's tapered waist and specialized 4-way stretch Bebeflex™ fabric and also allows additional space for a hip friendly system and approach. Woombie has received over 20 awards received for design and innovation.
Less Origami, more sleep!


Swaddling has been proven to help babies sleep
better, longer & safer.

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Convertible Woombie, with or without vent.
Do what’s most comfortable for your baby with either option!

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Good morning! Happy Monday 💜 Remember to undress baby under their Woombie swaddle during warmer weather. Our swaddles are breathable and we even have ventilated designs where excess heat escapes. Overheating is a risk factor for SIDS so it is very important baby isn't too hot. Touch their back or back of neck to check. If sweaty baby is too hot. #swaddle #swaddling #pregnancy #babygifts #mommylove #safesleep #sleepingbaby ...

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This sums up our family day today. Beautiful and bright 💜 Hello summer... stay awhile 🌞

@meetjaneblack so precious!! #swaddle #babygift #newmom #swaddling #babyshower #safesleep #sleepingbaby #momswithcameras

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Wrapped in love. The littlest people leave the biggest footprints in our hearts. #swaddle #newmom #babygift #safesleep #babysleep #babyswaddle #itsaboy #itsagirl ...

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Mom said her baby hated swaddles until she tried the Woombie! Slept all night. Why? 🌞Recreates the familiar womb environment. When babies feel safe they sleep better. 🌞Hugs baby but allows for arms and legs to move naturally in any position so baby doesn't feel restricted. 🌞 Breathable so baby doesn't feel hot. 🌞 "Hands Over Heart" swaddle position which is the safest and most natural way for baby to sleep. They use their hands to self-soothe! A crucial skill babies need to learn to fall asleep on their own.
Babies wake up after every 40 minute sleep cycle so if they can self-soothe they go back to sleep. If they have not learned this skill, they cry for mom waking you up ALL NIGHT LONG.
Visit www.woombie.com to check out all our swaddles. Try our Woombie Air, True Air, or Summer Swaddle for warmer months.

#momtips #safesleep
#sleepingbaby #bestbabygifts

@hairpeacebedpeace_ soooo precious!! Love her 💜🤗

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You are my sunshine. My little sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey.
#momquotes #swaddle #swaddling #safesleep #babygift #momswithcameras

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Tomorrow is Monday...the beginning of something special. Have a great week, mamas! 🌞

#swaddle #swaddling #pregnancy #expectingmom #babygift

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Arms in, legs out. That's how I roll in my Woombie swaddle. #cutebabies #swaddle #swaddling #babygift #pregnant ...

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Happy unofficial start to summer! What are you up to this weekend, mamas? We're hiking and BBQing 🌞 . . .

#summerbabies #pregnancy #bestbabygifts #bestswaddle #swaddling #momlife #momswithcameras

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Time to show more skin... it's sandal and summer dress season!! Here's our favorite margarita recipe using THREE ingredients and no sugary mixes... in fact no refined sugar at all. Sip, smile and soak up some sun this weekend! 🍹

Best Margarita Recipe...no sugar! *1 ounce pure agave tequila @hornitostequila is our favorite. *1/4 cup 3 freshly squeezed lime *1/4 cup water *3 tablespoons agave *Mix with ice in shaker.
Pour in glass and enjoy! Adjust with more TEQUILA, lime and /or agave to your liking.

And for expecting mommies try this margarita mocktail... 2 cups lemonade

3/4 cup orange juice

1/4 cup agave

1/2 – 1 cup lime fizzy water

Limes for garnish



#mommytips #mocktails
#mommylove #momquotes #babyswaddle #swaddling #bestbabygifts #babygift

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🥀Hey, mamas! One of the best things you can help your baby learn is how to self-soothe. And do it early before they develop sleep habits at age 4 months. Self-soothing means baby can fall asleep on their own and sleep through the night. Why? Newborns and young babies have a sleep cycle that lasts 40 minutes. At the end of each cycle, babies wake up for a little bit. This is a crucial time. If baby knows how to self-soothe, they are able to go back to sleep without sleep crutches like a bottle/breastfeeding, being held/rocked back to sleep. If they cannot self-soothe, they will cry and wake you up. Of course, make sure to feed baby through out the night on schedule but don't let feeding become a "go back to sleep" crutch. So...how do you teach babies to self-soothe?

1️⃣ Put baby down to sleep when they are sleepy NOT sleeping. Just imagine you go to bed and wake up on the front lawn with your pillow. This is what it feels like for a baby to fall asleep in mama or dada's arms and then they wake up in their crib/cradle without being held. First thing they do is cry, you wake up, and becomes a cycle of sleep deprivation that is so tough to get through. I've been there and that's why I invented the original peanut-shaped Woombie swaddle 💜

2️⃣ Use the Woombie Soothie Swaddle so baby always has a paci in reach. Our unique swaddle has an eco paci attached and our Soothie Sleep Sack has two eco-friendly pacifiers attached to both "hands". Baby wakes up, baby puts paci in mouth, baby falls asleep on his/her own, & parents get to sleep finally! If baby is hungry they will cry or if it's time to eat just feed them.

You are doing amazing, mamas!! ECO Giveaway: check out our feed for a $500+ eco giveaway!! Go to woombie.com to shop Soothie Sacks.
#babytips #momhacks #mommytips #parentlife #parenthack #newmom #newbaby #swaddle #swaddling

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🇺🇲 Memorial Day Weekend already! Remember with warmer weather to make sure your baby does not overheat (risk factor of SIDS). Check baby by touching back of his/her neck. Never check a baby's body temp on hands or feet as heat dissipates through the extremities so these will not be hot. ⭐Tips for swaddling this summer: 1) Choose a breathable or better yet a ventilated swaddle like the Woombie Air. The vented design allows excess heat to escape.
2) Dress and undress baby appropriately underneath the swaddle. Cooler nights PJs and diaper 55 degrees or less, 55-60 degrees long sleeve onesie and diaper, 60's short sleeve onesie and diaper, and 70 degrees+ just a diaper and the Woombie Air swaddle (heat must have a way to escape during hot summer months). 3) Use a fan to keep baby cool or we like to use an air conditioner but set it to 72 degrees and it turns off if it gets cooler than this.

4) Never use a swaddle blanket for unattended sleep. It can unravel and cover baby's face posing a suffocation risk especially during hot weather.
Check our feed for a BIG eco giveaway!! $500 in prizes! XO-

#parentlife #parenthack #swaddle #swaddling #bestbabygifts #babyswaddle #summerbabies #mommylove #momswithcameras

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🎉 ECO KIDS GIVEAWAY! 🎉 16 prizes valued at $500!  HOW TO ENTER:


















STEP 2: TAG A FRIEND IN THE COMMENTS that you miss!! 🌼BONUS ENTRIES: Go here for a chance to win a Target Gift Card: http://thelittlemonkeycompany.com/surprise

One winner takes all, US only, winner announced 6/8/20, this giveaway is not associated with Instagram.

#joyfulmamas #thingsiwanttoremember #ecogifts #giftsforkids #parentlife #toddlerlife #ecoliving #ecobrands

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No more dropped pacies! Our Soothie Bib keeps paci in reach whenever baby needs it and teaches baby the very important skill of self-soothing. This skill is crucial for baby to learn to fall asleep on her own and sleep throughout the night. Without this skill, baby will need mama to help her fall asleep multiple times a night. I've been there and it's EXHAUSTING. Have a fabulous upcoming week!

#babygift #babybib #mominventor #swaddle #bib #pregnancy #expectingmom

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Sweet dreams, precious. XO

#swaddle #expecting #expectingmom #swaddling #sleepingbaby

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You don't find the happy life. You make it! What's one thing you did today to make you happy?

Check out our Soothie Sack... Attached eco pacifiers on both hands so there's always a paci in reach and doesn't get lost. This is an excellent way to teach baby to self-soothe which is a crucial skill needed to fall asleep on baby's own and sleep all night. 🙌💜 #swaddle #mominventor #safesleep #sleepingbaby #swaddling #mommylove #babygift

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"I'm your big sister and from this day forward I will always and forever be looking out for you." COMMENT and tag your sister to say how much you miss and love them!
Mom Tip: The Woombie swaddle recreates the womb environment to help calm fussy babies and help them sleep longer, more safely, and more soundly. Did you know babies have a startle reflex that interrupts their sleep cycles? It's a sudden feeling like baby is falling and as a result they jerk their hands up which wakes baby up abruptly and even causes face scratching. The Woombie prevents the startle reflex!

Pack in your labor bag or buy as a gift. 💜🤗 @hoostie88 - beautiful kids!! Thank you for sharing and tagging @woombieusa

#babygift #momtip #safesleep #sleepingbaby #swaddle #swaddling #siblinglove #expecting #babybump #pregnancy

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@stephyhigh "Being proud of my body is not something I ever believed possible. We can choose to... judge every inch of extra skin, stretch mark and fat. Criticize our uneven scars
mompouch & breastfed boobs
Or we can.. Rejoice at this badass postpartum body. It brought life into this world and it deserves to be celebrated. It is strong and beautiful. Capable of enduring hard things.
We are MAMAs and these are our bodies and we deserve celebrate them." This is beautiful and we love your adorable baby cuddled up in a Woombie swaddle. 🤗💜 #mommylove #momquotes #expectingmom #expecting #newmom #newbaby #babygift #swaddle #swaddling #bestswaddle #momswithcameras #mommyblogger

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Hope your Mother's Day was full of love and smiles 🤗
#expecting #expectingmom #swaddle #swaddling #babygift #momswithcameras

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I have a little story to tell that ended up helping millions of babies sleep... Here are my twins back in their retro Woombies (2008!). The Woombie was inspired a year before with our daughter Bella who had mighty-mouse strength busting out of her swaddle blanket every 15 minutes ALL NIGHT LONG. After three weeks of no sleep, I had an idea! It was the middle of one sleepless night... I took out my little sewing machine and created the very first NO WRAP swaddle. I put our baby in and that night she slept 6 hours straight. My oldest daughter thought of the name "Woombie" and it stuck. I started making swaddles for friends and after they told me how well and long their babies slept, I knew I had to show the world! Now as a global brand with over 300 product SKUs, our mission is to educate parents on safe sleep and safe swaddling while providing the safest, easiest and most effective way to swaddle baby. Thank you, moms, for supporting Woombie! We are grateful our swaddles get to keep your precious bundles of joy sleeping longer and more comfortably. Happy Mother's Day 🥀💜 #expecting #expectingmom #momlife #mominventor #swaddle #swaddling #bestswaddle #babygifts #babyshopping ...

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What are your plans for Mother's Day? Our state still has a stay at home order so we will create our own fun at home and then go hiking with the kids. My best gift are my five kids. I am grateful and blessed. XO

#newmom #pregnancy #expectingmom #mothersday2020 #swaddle #mommylove #mommylovesyou #kidsofinstagram

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