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Child Fears

  1. How To Help Your Kids Adjust to a Move

    How To Help Your Kids Adjust to a Move

    Moving is a big deal for everyone, but it is especially tough for young kids. After all, they know where everything is in their home. They may be close with their neighbors and friends.

    Whether you and your family are moving across town or across the country, your kids will have to get used to a new school, a new doctor and a new home layout. It is thus not uncommon for children's behavior to change following a move. Toddlers could regress in their development. Slightly older kids may get cranky or clingy. They could also lash out or have trouble sleeping.

    To make the transition as smooth as possible for your children, you need to be proactive. Before you even Google "sell my house," you should start helping your kids adjust to the idea of moving. Here are some ways to prepare your young children for a move.

    1. Talk To Them in Advance

    Children need time to adjust to a major change. Do not wait

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  2. Managing Your Child's Fear of the Doctor

    Managing Your Child's Fear of the Doctor

    Going to the doctor as a child can be a scary experience. Dealing with strangers, getting looked over, and potentially getting a shot or two can cause any child to develop a fear very early on. In fact, one survey of 726 parents found that half of 2-to-5-year-olds have a fear of the doctor.

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