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School and After School

  1. How to Help Your Child to Ace an Exam | Woombie

    How to Help Your Child to Ace an Exam | Woombie

    As a parent, you want your children to do their best and achieve success in academic pursuits. Passing exams is an inevitable milestone when it comes to any educational journey. Acing exams provides a sense of accomplishment that can boost confidence and motivate further achievement. But how can parents help children ace their exams? Here are some tips on how you can help your children achieve their best in the exam hall.


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  2. How To Help Your Child Succeed In School

    How To Help Your Child Succeed In School

    How to help your child succeed in school? What are the most effective ways to improve your child’s academic performance? Here are the answers.

    Many students face severe difficulties during learning. In some cases, they can’t overcome these challenging periods without a helping hand from their parents. So, how to help your kid succeed in school? Below you will find a list of proven tips for making your child’s education process easier and smoother.

    Don’t Be Too Pushy

    The most common mistake many parents make is being too pushy and conservative. They don’t allow their kids to play and have some rest after school in case they haven’t done their homework. Moreover, many parents are too forceful and demanding when it comes to learning.


    The truth is that each child is like a diamond with his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, your kid might be good at learning foreign languages, painting, or sports but have some difficulties with Math, Physics, or Chemistry. If you are too pushy with particular subjects, you might make your child lose interest in it. Therefore, it is important to start slow, be patient, and don’t expect immediate results.

    Get Help When Needed

    Some parents can’t help their children with some subjects. This way, you will need to get help from teachers or mentors. Encourage your kids to approach their tutors and ask questions when needed. This will help them solve plenty of issues without your assistance.


    Some parents still believe that using online academic writing services is always a bad idea. However, professional websites like scamfighter.net might provide you with perfectly written papers according to your needs and requirements within the shortest terms. First, your children will not miss urgent deadlines when using an expert writing site. Second, they will get a good grade for an academic assignment. Third, they can forget about study stress. Fourth, they will have a clear vision of what a good-written paper looks like, what voice and tone to use, and how to format an essay. In other words, a website that provides academic assistance might help your child understand the writing requirements better and become a more successful student in no time.

    Use Additional Resources

    The modern world offers a wide choice of learning approaches, apps, services, and materials to improve your studies. Books are no longer the one and only proven source of information. Any modern parent should forget about their old-school routines and offer their children more advanced learning methods. For example, you can watch YouTube videos that explain difficult topics, use Quizlet, and even learn when playing games.


    Additional resources will allow you to transform boring learning activities into an exciting process of investigating something new. Let’s imagine your kid needs to learn a multiplication table. What is the best solution for such a big volume of data? Of course, your child might read and repeat it hundreds of times. But this approach is not good for all kids and is very time and energy-consuming.


    A better solution is to download a specially developed app, where your kid will have a chance to learn the table in different ways. For example, solving puzzles with numbers, choosing the right answers, etc. This tactic will allow your little one to remember all the necessary information in an easy and entertaining way.

    Have Breaks

    Kids get tired faster than adults. Remember this fact when you help your child learn. Children are all different, but you can hardly find a 7-year- old kid who can sit and learn for more than one hour in a row (while many of them can remain effective for only about 30 minutes!) Therefore, it is crucial to have regular breaks. Make sure your kid switches between different activities during the break. For example, your little one might have a short walk, do some physical exercises, play with a pet, or have a call to their friends.

    Have Enough Sleep

    Many young learners have issues related to their studies when they lack sleep. If your children are often tired, exhausted, anxious, or cry for almost no reason too often, it’s time to change their sleeping habits. Remember that kids and teens should have at least 10 hours per day of quality sleep.


    It is a good idea to go to bed at the same time each night and avoid sticking to gadgets for two hours before going to bed. What is more, it is necessary to check whether your little ones are not playing games or scrolling through their social media newsfeed when you sleep. Some experienced parents often switch off Wi-Fi routers before going to bed or collect all the gadgets in the evening. This easy approach will prevent your children from playing and surfing on the Internet at night.


    All in all, having some problems with learning is a common thing for many students. However, parents can help their kids become more successful at school.

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  3. 7 Ways For Parents To Support Their Kids’ Studies

    7 Ways For Parents To Support Their Kids’ Studies

    What are the most common ways to support your kids’ studies? Discover a list of the most effective tips shared by professional educators here.

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  4. How To Instill A Love Of Learning In Children

    How To Instill A Love Of Learning In Children

    Most, if not all, children have a natural curiosity to learn more about the world. However, a parent should enhance this inclination early, which children can use when they’re older. Some kids eventually lose their love of learning to the point where they outright refuse to go to school and find homework a chore. 


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  5. How Can I Utilize Quizzes in Teaching?

    How Can I Utilize Quizzes in Teaching?

    Quizzes are a great way to get students engaged and can be used as a form of assessment. When creating a quiz, it is important to keep the following in mind...

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  6. How Essays Can Be Fun: A Student's Guide To enjoying The Art Of Writing

    How Essays Can Be Fun: A Student's Guide To enjoying The Art Of Writing

    Do you sometimes find essays a little daunting? It's easy to feel like you're stuck in a never-ending cycle of writing, editing, and formatting when it feels like your grade depends on it. But don't worry – you can make the process more enjoyable and less stressful with a few simple tips. Also, you always have a choice, you can entrust this task to professionals with essay writing service cheap and save your time or write everything yourself and improve your writing skills.

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  7. Best Ways To Promote Your Child's Development

    Best Ways To Promote Your Child's Development

    A Country Garden is a Montessori early learning childcare centre in Toowoomba, grounded in the philosophy that children should guide their own learning. Between the ages of three and four, your child will be naturally curious, rapidly absorbing information and applying their new-found knowledge wherever they can. The Lemon Grove at A Country Garden is specifically geared towards children in this age group.

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  8. Developing an At-Home Preschool Curriculum for Your Toddler

    Developing an At-Home Preschool Curriculum for Your Toddler

    Whether you want to homeschool your preschooler or your child already attends a formal preschool, it’s a good idea to establish a home curriculum. Doing so will help to foster a love of learning in your toddler early, helping them to cultivate a growth mindset they can carry into kindergarten, grade school, and beyond.

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  9. Helping Your Child Succeed in School

    Helping Your Child Succeed in School

    Every day, millions of kids go to school. Getting a good education is imperative to have lifelong success. Parents want their children to do well in school but often struggle to understand how to get more involved in the education process. Grades are often the benchmark of success, so parents focus much of their attention on this area.  When a student is not getting good grades, parents begin to consider what can be done to help their child. One of the best ways parents can help their children is by becoming more active in the education process.

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  10. 4 Benefits of Homeschooling | Woombie

    There are many reasons why families choose to homeschool their children. Some do it for religious reasons, others because they feel their child would be better educated at home. Whatever the reason, there are some definite benefits to homeschooling.

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