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School and After School

  1. Best Ways To Promote Your Child's Development

    Best Ways To Promote Your Child's Development

    A Country Garden is a Montessori early learning childcare centre in Toowoomba, grounded in the philosophy that children should guide their own learning. Between the ages of three and four, your child will be naturally curious, rapidly absorbing information and applying their new-found knowledge wherever they can. The Lemon Grove at A Country Garden is specifically geared towards children in this age group.

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  2. Developing an At-Home Preschool Curriculum for Your Toddler

    Developing an At-Home Preschool Curriculum for Your Toddler

    Whether you want to homeschool your preschooler or your child already attends a formal preschool, it’s a good idea to establish a home curriculum. Doing so will help to foster a love of learning in your toddler early, helping them to cultivate a growth mindset they can carry into kindergarten, grade school, and beyond.

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  3. Helping Your Child Succeed in School

    Helping Your Child Succeed in School

    Every day, millions of kids go to school. Getting a good education is imperative to have lifelong success. Parents want their children to do well in school but often struggle to understand how to get more involved in the education process. Grades are often the benchmark of success, so parents focus much of their attention on this area.  When a student is not getting good grades, parents begin to consider what can be done to help their child. One of the best ways parents can help their children is by becoming more active in the education process.

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  4. 4 Benefits of Homeschooling | Woombie

    There are many reasons why families choose to homeschool their children. Some do it for religious reasons, others because they feel their child would be better educated at home. Whatever the reason, there are some definite benefits to homeschooling.

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  5. 5 Top Tips to Help Kids Learn at Home

    5 Top Tips to Help Kids Learn at Home

    Before the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, many parents never considered the possibility that their kids could stay at home and continue to learn. But life has a way of teaching us things we ought to know, so the pandemic came in, and parents were forced to play the role of teacher and principal. The kids had to continue learning at home to avoid brain drain because of the long school closure. Now that the pandemic has ended and schools have opened again, having the kids learn at home (in addition to the school learning) is a new reality. However, some parents still struggle to achieve this to date. 

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  6. 4 Wonderful After-School Activities for Kids

    4 Wonderful After-School Activities for Kids

    Kids and activities go together perfectly. They always have. That's why providing your child with opportunities to engage in them is so important. One of the most common times to do this is after school.

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