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  1. What To Do When Kids Won't Sleep

    What To Do When Kids Won't Sleep

    When your kids have trouble sleeping, it not only can disrupt your own sleep as a parent but also lead to moodiness, clumsiness, and other issues caused by poor sleep. Here are some basic steps to take that should help your child to sleep more soundly.

    Examine Your Routine

    Bedtime routines are one of the most integral factors in successful sleep for children. You don't have to know how to fold a fitted sheet to know how to have a good bedtime routine. Bedtime routines can be very simple. An effective routine may be as simple as brushing teeth, using the toilet, putting on clean pajamas, and getting tucked into bed. You can always add things such as reading a story, rubbing your child's feet or back, or having a small cup of water. Just make sure to keep activities slow and mellow in order to promote a relaxed brainwave

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  2. 6 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep

    6 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep

    Every parent is looking for the magic way to help their baby get a good night's sleep. From babies that have trouble falling asleep to babies that wake up during the night, sleeping soundly is a notoriously difficult skill for a baby to master. However, getting a full night's sleep can be the holy grail for overtired parents and a sure way for everyone to have a better day.

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  3. Using Sensory Stimulation To Improve Baby’s Sleep

    Using Sensory Stimulation To Improve Baby’s Sleep

    A baby’s cognitive, physical and emotional development takes places at an accelerated level during the first 18 months of their life. Effective sensory stimulation and quality sleep are key in helping to ensure that a baby is able to adapt well to the world around them. So, how can you use regular, effective sensory stimulation to aid your baby’s development, as well as improve their sleep?

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  4. 6 Ways That Music Can Lull Your Baby To Sleep

    6 Ways That Music Can Lull Your Baby To Sleep

    Want to help your baby fall asleep smoother easier? From countless tips and tricks to help lull babies to sleep faster, it turns out that music is one of the most effective ways to getting the job done, and putting your infant at ease.

    Since music is inherent to humans, it’s a great universal medium of communication that brings people together, young and old.

    Here are 6 ways that music is most effective for putting your infant to sleep.

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