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  1. Teaching Internet Safety to Kids

    Teaching Internet Safety to Kids

    When dealing with children, there is a constant struggle between trying to keep them safe while also allowing them the freedom to explore and learn about themselves and the world. This has always been a challenge, but it's become even more difficult thanks to the internet. Kids have access to more information than they've ever had before, and this exposes them to a whole new set of risks.

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  2. Teach Your Child Safe Browsing Techniques | Woombie

    Teach Your Child Safe Browsing Techniques | Woombie

    These days, children are accessing the internet in ever-increasing numbers. 80% of parents of children between ages 5 and 11 report that their child uses a computer or tablet. Kids and teens spend an estimated 44.5 hours weekly using digital media of some type. Nearly a quarter of kids and teens report a belief that they are addicted to video games. Clearly, there is a need for parents to work with their children to establish procedures and rules for safe internet usage in this age of increased screen time. By following these guidelines, parents can help their kids to navigate the internet safely.

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  3. 4 Things to Consider Before Sharing Photos of Your Children on Social Media

    4 Things to Consider Before Sharing Photos of Your Children on Social Media

    Few jobs are more enjoyable than being a parent. The average parent is extremely proud of their children and wants to share their talents and accomplishments. One of the best ways to let all of your friends and family members know more about what your child is up to is by posting on social media.


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  4. How To Keep Your Little Ones Safe on Their Devices

    How To Keep Your Little Ones Safe on Their Devices

    It seems like everyone is always on a device these days. Whether smartphone, tablet or computer, your children may be hounding you about wanting their own. Smartphones help keep your kids safe in the case of an emergency, but they can also lead to serious trouble. How do you decide what devices to allow your kids to have? How do you keep them safe online if they get one of these devices? Here are several suggestions for keeping your children secure from internet-enabled devices' pitfalls.

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  5. Teaching Internet Safety to Kids

    If a child falls on the playground and cuts her knee, it is easy to see where the injury is and to apply first-aid right away. If a child falls into a dark place in cyberspace, it is much more difficult to observe where the damage has occurred and to correct the problem. Technology is common everywhere, and kids and teens often learn how to meet and greet in the digital community at a quicker speed than adults do. In addition, the sorts of danger that exist online can be harder to detect because they are not always concrete, tangible entities. It may seem hard to believe, but it is never too early to start teaching internet safety to adolescents. Here are a few considerations as you prepare to approach the topic.

    Invisible Dangers

    One of the trickiest aspects of supervising the new global village is the inability to see exactly what is on the screen even if it is directly in front of you. Whether someone is using a

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  6. Ways You Can Keep All Your Data Secure At Home

    Ways You Can Keep All Your Data Secure At Home

    Work-related data is likely not the only data you need to protect. If you're a parent, for example, you may store sensitive information about your children's health on your home network. If you're an investor, you may need to protect your investment portfolio accounts. Here are five ways you can keep all your data secure at home.

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  7. 5 Smart Technology Tips to Improve Your Home

    5 Smart Technology Tips to Improve Your Home

    There's no denying that technology makes daily life easier. As time goes on, more and more household tasks are being delegated to smart devices. Whether it's well-rounded virtual assistants or voice-controlled thermostats, people everywhere are making modern improvements to their homes while moving into a smarter future. While some smart technology is already in mainstream public view, there are some other great improvements you can make to your home using some savvy smart technology tips.

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