3 Big Reasons To Play With Your Kids

As a parent, you're familiar with being busy. Whether it's meeting your children's basic needs, problem-solving or adapting to new routines, there is always something important going on. However, it's just as necessary to take a step back amid this busyness to prioritize playing with your kids.

Finding the time to play can be challenging, especially when you're stretched thin as it is. Understanding why play is so essential could be the nudge you need to make it a non-negotiable part of your day. Here are three big reasons to do that.


  1. Because Play Instills the Value of Overall Health


One of the best things about play is how open-ended it is, especially when it comes to health and wellness. Playing is wonderful for the developing mind, excellent for emotional well-being and incredible for the body. Keeping this in mind, think about different kinds of play that build a strong foundation centered around health.


Think about times in your week when you could swap play for typically sedentary times. This might mean going out to the driveway after dinner for a game of basketball instead of heading to the couch. It could mean turning the living room into a giant fort for a family slumber party, complete with all the board games and books you've got. Anything you can do to nourish the mind and body will be more than worth it.

However, finding the get-up-and-go to do this can be tricky if you're not feeling your best overall. Take a minute to think about the reasons why this may be. Maybe you're not eating as well as you should, or maybe you're not sleeping great. You could be feeling the negative effects of stress from work or life in general, which can be a detriment in a class of its own.


Finding ways to improve your health will go a long way here, whether it's through dietary changes, exploring the world of supplements, or a combination of both. Checking out Le-Vel Thrive reviews could be useful in determining what type of supplemental program would make the most sense for your situation.


  1. Because Play Strengthens Lines of Communication


Have you ever noticed a difference in your connection with your kids after spending quality 1-1 time playing with them? It's no coincidence. Playing is an excellent way to develop or repair your bond and encourage conversations. 


You might be surprised by the power of coloring, a game of kickball in the backyard, or a fun and energizing dance-off to your favorite songs with your kids. Laughing, creating and being together will foster ways to not only be in each other's company but to communicate in a low-stress environment as well.


Communication is one of the most important things you can have with your kids. Establishing this through play, ideally while your kids are on the younger side, will help to ensure you're able to understand each other and communicate freely in the later years when things might not be as simple as they once were. 


  1. Because Time Flies

Do you ever feel a pang of sadness, disbelief or even guilt when you realize how quickly your kids are growing up? Because time does pass so quickly, why not make it your mission to incorporate play as much as you can while you can? 


ake notice of where your kids are in their lives right now. If you have a toddler who loves imaginary play, enjoy it right along with them. For the older kids who love nothing more than to run around outside, join in on their game of tag and roll down grassy hills together.


Find commonalities with your kids and explore them. Your kids will notice, you'll feel great about it, and you'll truly seize the moment(s) that are so fleeting. 


Playing with your kids is not only simple, but it's also a gift for everyone. Make it a point to do it as much as you can.