5 Unique Date Night Ideas

Whether you've been in a relationship for a long time or are part of a new romance, going on dates keeps the connection fresh and fun. However, the typical movie and dinner gig can get old.


Fortunately, there are many exciting activities you can do with your partner, which can incorporate indoor or outdoor entertainment. Here are five unique date night ideas that are sure to enhance your relationship.

1. Have a Stay-In Game Night

A great way to enjoy some one-on-one time with your significant other is to stay home and play your favorite games. If you enjoy classic couple card games, try playing War, Rummy or Poker. Maybe you want to see how well you do with board games, such as Backgammon or Battleship. If you're an online gamer, you may want to challenge your partner to a duel or battle as companions. Whatever games you choose, make sure you have a variety to avoid getting bored. Also, don't get too competitive, as it can quickly ruin the mood.


To make the game night extra special, add some romance. Consider including wine, cheese and fruit. If you want to go the extra mile, cook your partner's favorite meal and eat by candlelight before the gaming tournament begins.

2. Go Camping

If you and your partner love nature, choose a spot to set up a tent for the night. Make sure you check the weather first to avoid getting stuck in the rain. You'll also want to prepare for the temperature change by packing extra blankets in case it gets chilly overnight. If you're unable to get away, consider setting up in the backyard.


To make camping as romantic as possible, choose a time of year when the stars illuminate the night sky. Start a fire so you and your loved one can cuddle up comfortably while gazing into the cosmos.

3. Prepare a Picnic

Take your significant other somewhere special, such as a place with a scenic view, and set up for a picnic. This date option will be even better if you can do it as a surprise. For instance, make or order food without your partner's knowledge and pack it in a cooler or picnic basket. Make sure you also include drinks, plates, glasses and a blanket to sit on. Secretly put everything in the car so your date has no idea what's going to happen next.


Once you get to the location, start setting everything up. Your partner will be pleasantly surprised you took the time to plan something so sweet. If you have extra time and are certain your items will be safe without supervision, try to set up the picnic before picking up your loved one.

4. Volunteer Together

Helping others is an experience unlike any other. By giving your time, you're able to make a difference in others' lives. Volunteering with your significant other will make the occasion even more meaningful. Assisting people will allow you to see your loved one's true colors and caring heart. This experience will undoubtedly bring you closer together.

5. Take a Spa Trip

What better date is there than one where both parties get to experience rest and relaxation? Going to the spa can give your body the boost it needs. Start by deciding what treatments you want most. For example, do your nails need to be buffed and painted? Do you need something to help your dry skin, or are you simply going for pleasure?


Spas offer several services, including mud baths, massages, face or body masks and manicures, so select which activities you and your partner are interested in and give your local spa a call. Make sure you ask about a couples' discount since some businesses offer special prices.


Sometimes you need to mix up date night because doing the same things can get boring. Trying something different may add a new spark to your relationship.