7 Ways To Make the Most of Summer With Your Family

Summer is a season of long hours of sunshine and warm weather. With school being out, you also may find yourself navigating new schedules, ample opportunities and your kids wants and needs. If you want to keep the whole family occupied, entertained and engaged, you need the right combination of summer activities. Don’t let screens and boredom get the best of you this summer when these seven ideas can help you make the most of the summer season with the whole family.

  1. Family Vacation

With a bit more time and freedom on your hands, this is the time to consider taking a trip. Spend quality time with your family, away from all of the distractions of everyday life. Step away and escape to Island Cay at Clearwater Beach, hit your favorite family destinations or explore somewhere completely new. Regardless of what trip you decide to take, make sure that your family has your full focus and don’t let the distractions of work or priorities from home get in the way.

  1. Museums

While summertime is a time away from traditional classrooms, it doesn’t mean that your kids can’t continue to learn all summer long. If you want to experience an enriching and valuable experience, consider scheduling a few trips to museums this summer. Learn about the rich history and invigorate the whole family’s minds and spirits.

  1. A Past Revisited

If you are considering trips and excursions to fill your summer schedule with, make sure that you incorporate a trip to your past. Bring your family to the sites of your childhood and tell them the stories that have helped shape who you are. You may be surprised at how much these types of experiences can bring families together.

  1. Quality Time

Not all quality time with the family needs to be spent outside of the home. Remove the distractions, notifications and competing priorities from your view. Stow away everyone’s tablets, computers and phones and direct your attention to each other. Regardless of whether affordable pools make your swimming and relaxing dreams a reality, pillows and blankets can transform into an enormous pillow fort or books can bring your imagination to life. Make sure that you take the opportunity to focus on family fun.

  1. Cooking as a Family

Another excellent outlet for the whole family is cooking together. Getting kids in the kitchen can be a special way to bond and leave you all with lifelong memories. Whether you try new, kid-friendly recipes, have them help with family favorites or introduce them to secret family recipes passed down from generations, cooking is a great way to spend quality time together.

  1. Experiments and Exploratory Activities

The kitchen is not the only place in the house where you can explore together. Science, technology, engineering, art and math are something that can bring the whole family together. Experiment together with developmentally-appropriate science experiments, research a STEAM topic and learn something new together or get creative with a summer craft idea. Not only can this be educational and mentally stimulating, but it can instill a love of learning in your child that doesn’t require a classroom. Not to mention that this can be a blast to see and experience with your child.

  1. Camping

With the warmer weather, there is no better time than now to go camping with the family. Whether you embark on a rigorous adventure and hike and backpack or set up a backyard campsite, different options welcome all levels of campers. Let your whole family experience the wonder, thrill and amusement of camping and take advantage of the summer weather.

Making the most of this summer can be done from the comfort of your kitchen or while you’re on the road. Shake up your summer with these energizing and amusing ideas. Boring, screen-filled summers will be a thing of the past when you incorporate these fun-filled ideas for the whole family.