8 Tips To Help You Become a Master Multitasker

When it comes to expert multitaskers, the first person you think of is likely your mother. Mom, after all, juggled everything from packing school lunches to dressing your brother and moderating a business meeting on Zoom simultaneously. How did she do it?

The secret is Mom probably wasn't really a master multitasker. At least not at first. Mothers multitask because societal norms expect them to, which perpetuates the myth that multitasking skills come naturally to women. What many moms really experience is many years of stress and burnout as they try to get everything done.

The good news? Moms can avoid all that and still become a master multitasker. In fact, anyone can, including dads. These 8 tips will help you get started.

  1. Start From a Healthy Place

Multitaskers know that success starts with a healthy mind and body. It may even be worth doing the multitasking version of pre-season training before you dive deep into these multitasking tips. One training consideration is the Thrive 60-day challenge, explained in detail in this Thrive review. Regardless of your method, take some time to

  1. Plan Your Day

Multitaskers never dive into the day without a plan. While it looks like they can handle three things at once, the truth is master multitaskers figure out how to manage multiple tasks before they take them on. Preparation reveals whether a task is too complex to do in parallel with another. Level up by preparing your plan the day before.

  1. Set Realistic Goals

There are multitaskers and there are people who like to be busy. Multitaskers know what can be achieved successfully in a reasonable amount of time and rarely push beyond that goal. Busy people create unnecessary work, which leads to stress and worry. Set realistic goals and feel good about accomplishing those tasks.

  1. Prioritize Your Work

To set realistic goals, master multitaskers make sure they know what work is the most important. By prioritizing tasks, you know what you need to cross off your list today versus what can wait until tomorrow. It also alleviates worry if you find something else that requires your attention. You know which work you can place on the back burner and still complete your most important tasks.

  1. Group Tasks Together

Another way master multitaskers juggle more than one task is by grouping similar activities together. Need to make dinner, unload the dishwasher and call the bank? All three tasks can be done at the same time in the kitchen. Group tasks when running errands, as well. Getting your teeth cleaned? Grocery shop near the dentist's office.

  1. Set a Time To Complete Each Task

It is easy to get distracted by another task when you’re already in the middle of a project. Stay focused by timing each chore on your list. Commit to working only on that chore during the allotted time. This hyperfocus will help you complete work faster and make steady progress on your to-do list.

  1. Avoid Bigger Distractions

When you really need to complete a task, take a step beyond the timer and shut down all possible distractions. Unexpected distractions can destroy a to-do list quickly. Turn off your smartphone, turn on our out-of-office notifications, ignore the front door and get to work.

  1. Take a Break

When you are prioritizing work, make sure to include a couple of breaks. A few minutes to check your email, text a friend or scroll through social media breaks up the monotony of multitasking and helps clear your mind.

Reducing stress, eliminating worry and getting things done through strategic planning is what multitasking is all about. Now that you know all the secrets your mother had to figure out on her own, you can become a master multitasker, too.