How to Get in Shape as a Family

A great goal for any year is getting fit. And there’s no better way to really commit than to get the whole family in shape. Here are ways to get your whole family in shape this year.


Choose Activities That Don’t Seem Like Exercise

First and foremost, if you choose activities that don’t seem like Exercise, it’ll be easier to get your family involved in them. The more the exercise seems like fun or an adventure, the more likely your family will be to enthusiastically participate. Activities can involve new bikes or skates which can be even more motivating. 

Hikes and family outings that relate to exercise are a great option on weekends. Even playing a family basketball game at a local park can be a lot of fun and get everyone moving! Another idea is to go for a swim as a family on a hot summer day. 


Take a Hike

As mentioned, hiking is a great way to get everyone outdoors. Plan a family vacation to a national park where you can go on long hikes together. Then, go on long walks on local trails leading up to the big hiking trip. This will help you prepare to go on long walks at elevation and keep you exercising together months before the trip. Just grab your running bags and hit the road. That way you’ll have everything you need with you. 


Run Together

Another easy option for family exercise is to go on a run together. Sign up for a local race as a family and then train together. The miles might seem challenging at first, but you’ll feel great once you all complete that race together. 


Join a Gym as a Family

Another great family activity is taking a fitness class together. Join a gym or hire a personal trainer for the whole family. You can all learn new movements or new exercise techniques together. Many gyms offer family rates as well.


Eat Healthy Together 

Aside from exercise, another important part of fitness is diet. You won’t see changes unless you’re eating healthy too. This isn’t about dieting. It’s about making healthy lifestyle changes that will make you look and feel good. 


Take On a Food Challeng

If you’re the type of family that’s motivated by competition, try a challenge like Whole 30. Whole 30 eliminates processed foods and other food subsets that some people have problems processing. By seeing if you can stick to it, you’ll learn a lot about what you put in your body and about how you feel when you’re not eating junk food. 


Take a Family Nutrition Class

If you don’t know much about eating healthy or what’s bad for you and what isn’t, you may want to take a nutrition basics class. This is something you can do with the whole family as well. You can sign up for them online or through local gyms. If you’re on a budget, you might want to try looking for free options through your local public library. 

A nutrition class can teach you the basics of how what you put in your body affects your energy levels, weight and body composition. It can also teach you how to eat healthy and how to shop at the grocery store. You’ll learn how to measure portion sizes and look for foods that aren’t pumped full of hormones and other harmful ingredients. 


Buy Fitness Gadgets as a Fam

Another option is to get your family members a fitness gadget that tracks their steps, sleep, calories burnt and other fitness-related stats. Many of them offer ways to connect as a family and set up shared challenges and competitions. If you all connect and share data, it’s easy to set up challenges that everyone can participate in so you can work your way towards better health together. 


There are so many fun and easy ways to get in shape and eat healthy as a family!