If you work at home, you might be wondering what ways you can keep your children busy during a normal workday. This can be challenging for any parent, but working at home can make it extra difficult depending on what you are doing, what ages your children are, and what they have to keep them busy at home. Follow these suggestions to make it easier for them to have fun and stay entertained while you finish up your work.


Get Them Involved in Activities

Think about getting your kids set up with different activities that suit their interests and allow them to grow as individuals. It helps to ask your children what they are interested in, so you have an idea of where to start. Some might find it fun to do activities like horseback riding or joining a scouting troop, but you could also consider team sports, dance, gymnastics and tumbling, or even playing a musical instrument to name a few. Talking with your children and finding out what they enjoy is important since you want them to do things they will love and benefit from, rather than doing something for the sake of staying busy. 


Set Them Up With Ways To Burn Energy at Home

If you want to enrich your children's lives, think about what you could add or change at home that would make having fun and playing more enjoyable for them. Perhaps you might consider a playground set, setting up areas for sports such as a basketball court or croquet, or even putting in an inground pool. You might be worried about the cost of some of these, such as the cost of inground pool. Don't forget to think about the rewards that come with having a pool that everyone in the family can use for years to come, or a sports center that can even increase the value of your home should you decide to sell later on. Talk to your family and get their thoughts, since they can tell you what they would like the most. 


Consider Setting Up Playdates

Maybe your children crave some company while you are busy working. Depending on when it is during the school year, they might benefit from playdates, daycare, or even day camp, if it is summer. Start the process by checking out local daycare centers, and seeing what they offer based on the ages of your children. See if there are any day camps that could offer fun for your kids. Scouts and YMCA are two places that generally offer some type of setup for summer activities that will allow your child to meet others and have fun at the same time.


Have Them Help You

Having your child help you at work depends a lot on your job, how old your child is, and what your work entails. If you work for a call center from home, your child might not be able to do very much. However, if you run your own business or otherwise tend to clients yourself, it is possible you could get your kids involved. If you have a laundry business, you could bring them along to do clothing pickup. Or perhaps you might find it easy to have your older children assist with basic tasks like filing and managing paperwork, depending on their interest in the tasks.


Keeping your kids busy during the workday can be difficult, but it is possible to achieve. Find out if there are any activities they want to do, and consider enrolling them. This will give your child something to look forward to while you are working. You could make improvements at home that allow them to have fun whenever they like, such as swimming in a pool. Day camp and playdates are other possible options. Finally, if your kids are old enough, you could always see if they will help you at work. This can keep them busy without you feeling overwhelmed.