Planning An Unforgettable End-Of-Year Vacation With Your Partner

A romantic vacation is a perfect way for new parents to get some much-needed time to unwind. It allows the two of you to reconnect and enjoy new adventures in an exotic new location.

Planning an unforgettable end-of-the-year trip with the love of your life doesn't have to be challenging. We've got some tips and tricks to ensure that your romantic getaway creates more memories instead of headaches.

Location, Location, Location

The most exciting part of any getaway is choosing where to go.

Where you take your end-of-the-year trip is going to determine other decisions like transportation, lodgings, and the activities that you and your partner can get up to you while you're away.

Warm weather destinations can be a great choice if you're looking to dodge those winter chills in a tropical climate. Conversely, if you come from the tropics and want to experience winter wonderland, you’ll have to plan the timing accordingly.

Be aware of travel alerts, weather forecasts, and other factors that may affect the trip. This also includes peak tourist season, when flights tend to get more jampacked.

Plan Ahead for the Essentials

The second ingredient of any trip is to make sure that you have all the essentials handled before you head out the door. This might seem less grand than your vacation plans, but handling these basics should be the first stop on your trip.

This means making sure you’ve got a house sitter lined up, you’ve got your email away messages set up, and you’ve got enough medications to last through your trip with a few days extra.

You should also check about any local rules for your romantic getaway. States have their own rules for things like camping regulations, how late bars can be open, and rules regarding medical marijuana cards. Check the specific requirements of you and your partner to ensure that your needs can be serviced and/or legal in your destination.

Having the basics pinned down means you two can focus on romantic fun rather than getting sidetracked by the day-to-day details!


Next, you need to think about how you'll be getting to your dream destination. There are pros and cons to every method of travel and it all comes down to what kind of experience you want to have on your romantic vacation.

Flying is by far the fastest, but it's not a very romantic way to travel. Taking a long train ride on your romantic vacation is a great way to spend time side by side with your love, but it will take a lot longer than flying.

You could also transform your end-of-the-year trip into a road trip. Road trips are a great way to re-live a lot of the excitement and youthful energy of romance.

Also, take the time to consider transportation when you arrive at your destination. Renting a car, learning a new public transit system, or even finding bike and scooter rentals are going to be important for getting around town once you arrive.


You’ve already prepared your home for your newborn, now it’s time to prepare your home-away-from-home for your romantic getaway!

Picking your lodgings for your romantic vacation is all about achieving the type of romantic experience you're looking for.

Before you book your hotel, you want to consider how long you'll be spending in the hotel itself. It's easier to get away with saving money on a cheap motel if you plan on just using it as a place to crash after a long night partying and excitement.

Romantic cabins, high-end suites, or even renting out an apartment with a full kitchen can be great ways to stay cozy with your partner for your end-of-the-year trip.

Special Interests

Now it's time to plan what you'll be doing on your trip. We've got a few tips that are going to make sure that you have a great vacation and you get to do all of the activities that you were hoping for.

Right off the bat, we want to say that you shouldn't over-plan your activities. You don't want to turn the end of your trip into a hectic race to get everything done. Give yourself plenty of time in between activities to unwind and give yourself the permission to skip something if you're not feeling it.

Planning your vacation around a hobby, shared interest, or an activity you've both been looking to try is a great way to put a cap on a wonderful year with your partner.

Choosing New Activities or The Tried and True?

Should you pick a new activity or stick with something you love?

Building your end-of-the-year trip with your partner is a great time to pick a new activity. This could be your first ski trip or an excuse to finally take that trip to Rome.

New activities are a great way to keep the spark alive, but they always run the risk of being less exciting than you'd hoped.

An end-of-the-year trip is a perfect time for tried and true activities that you know and love. These might not be as exciting as a whirlwind getaway, but they're ideal for couples looking for a more cozy escape.

Consider a New Spin on the Staycation

The staycation is a classic way to enjoy some dedicated time with the one you love without having to go through all of the hassle of leaving town. This is especially effective for new parents who want to get away, but who also want to stay close to their children.

Consider renting a classy hotel in your hometown or taking a weekend trip to the next big city over to have some local excitement to start the new year.

Remember to Put Romance First!

You’ve put a lot of effort into planning for a newborn, but it’s important to keep planning romantic activities with your partner.

This vacation is about celebrating your love and your romance. Remember to keep that affection first and you're going to have an amazing end of the year trip with your partner no matter where you're headed!