Safety Concerns to Watch Out For Now That You Have Kids

Being a parent is stressful. When you have kids, especially young ones, it can feel like all your time is going toward keeping them from hurting themselves. Unfortunately, young children often get into trouble around the house just from curiosity. If you're new to parenting, here are some household safety concerns you may need to watch for. 

Lawn and Garden Equipment

The first thing you may want to safeguard is lawn and garden equipment. Unfortunately, pieces of machinery like lawn mowers and weed whackers look fun and adventurous to a young mind. They're often brightly colored with buttons and knobs to press. While there's nothing wrong with letting your kids look at them supervised, disaster could strike if they manage to turn one of these machines on. Rather than facing a potentially life-threatening injury, lock up your lawn machinery. 

Along those lines, non-automated equipment such as ladders can also pose danger to young children. Many kids love to climb, especially those under the age of 10. If you don't practice proper ladder safety, your little ones could be in danger. When storing a ladder, try to either hang it out of reach or keep it lying prone on the ground. By removing the temptation to climb, you can protect your children. Keeping your garage or tool shed locked is the best way to keep your kids safe. 

Electrical Supplies

Another safety concern you should watch out for is electrical supplies. With the recent increase in automation, there are more electrical hazards in your home than ever before. One such hazard is outlets. While outlets have been around for years, modern homes require more electricity to function, meaning more juice is being pumped to each outlet. If your child puts a finger or metal utensil in a socket, they could receive a potentially life-threatening injury as a result. Outlet covers may look ugly, but they can save your children's lives.

Similarly, long cords such as extension cords should be locked away. While these cords aren't often plugged in unless they're in use, they present a choking hazard to young children. If one of your kids is playing with a cord, they may get it wrapped around their neck or chest and be unable to breathe. It's better to be safe than sorry, so keep your extension cords locked away in your tool shed. By removing electrical dangers, you can help keep your kids safe. 

Kitchen Gadgets

Finally, kitchen gadgets can pose a threat to your kids if left unsupervised. One of the most obvious dangers is knives. Kitchen knives are incredibly sharp and strong, and can easily harm or even kill a small child. While it's impractical to lock away your cooking knives, it's vital to keep them out of reach. Pushing the knife block back on the counter or keeping it in a tall cabinet can help protect your little ones from injury. If you need to, put a child-safety lock on the drawer or cabinet you store them in for extra security. 

Another common kitchen danger is your stove. Countless children have been injured by turning on the stove or oven and touching the heating elements. Unfortunately, young children often don't realize the metal is hot until after they've burned themselves. Additionally, some kids may see the oven as a hiding spot and put themselves in further danger. Rather than exposing your little ones to harm, use the built-in locks on your stove. Many modern cooktops have a lock setting that keeps the oven door closed and prevents the knobs from turning. By safeguarding your kitchen, you can keep your kids safe and introduce them to cooking productively. 

In conclusion, parenting is tough. You'll always worry about your kids' safety. With these tips, you can breathe easy knowing your children are safe at home.