Self-Care To Practice During the Postpartum Phase

Dealing with postpartum can be difficult. You are trying to get used to taking care of a new little person, all while you are recovering at the same time. Although this can be quite a change, it is possible to slowly get back to a new kind of normal even after giving birth.

Check out these suggestions aimed at helping you recover and take care of yourself, and see how you can create new routines for yourself and your family. 

Sleeping When Possible

It's important to get as much rest as possible when you are recovering from giving birth. Your body is tired and healing, and you are likely adjusting to getting up in the middle of the night to take care of a baby. 

Although this is likely advice you have already heard, it is important to try and get as much sleep as you can, even if that means taking several naps throughout the day. Eventually, your baby will start to sleep longer, and you will feel yourself regaining strength with enough rest under your belt. 

Taking Walks To Help With Weight and Peace of Mind

Walking can be beneficial for your physical and mental health. Taking regular walks allows you to feel calm and can help you lose weight, and if you take your baby with you, it can be a great way to bond and have fun. 

Start slowly, not trying to walk too fast, and only go as far as you think you can manage. You can find programs and help that are geared towards walking to lose weight and even get you interested in other types of physical fitness, such as running. 

If you plan on taking your baby with you, make sure they have a stroller with a seat. Babies this young will be forward-facing in their stroller, and you want to make sure they are snapped in securely. Don't forget to help them dress for the weather as needed. 

Accepting Help When You Can 

Accepting help is important, even if you think you don't need it. Take friends up on their offers to babysit, help with chores, or even give you a break from the baby when you need it. You might not even realize how much you need the extra help until you accept it.

If you don't live around family or you haven't had any offers for help, consider the benefits of a postpartum doula. These professionals can help with certain tasks, such as light housekeeping, and even manage the baby if necessary. They can also teach you techniques that can make it useful when you are trying to soothe your baby but aren't sure what to do. 

Planning Out Your Days

Planning out your days right after you have had a baby can seem daunting. Don't get overwhelmed and worry that this means jam-packing appointments and other tasks into your schedule, though. Really, think of planning out your days as trying to accomplish a few things so you can stay on track and take care of yourself and your responsibilities. 

Final Thoughts

Start by making a list of one or two things you would like to get done, all while taking into account your needs, the needs of the baby, and anything else that is pressing. Your list might include getting a pedicure, taking an hour-long nap, or reading to your little one. The important thing is that you are setting small goals that focus on you and your family, ensuring you are taking time out for what is important.

Self-care after pregnancy is possible if you know how to approach it. Make plenty of time for naps. Add exercise in when you feel ready, starting with walking. Seek out assistance when you need it, and consider getting a postpartum doula. Finally, make a list for yourself and decide what you want to do that will benefit yourself and the baby to ensure you are taking care of both of you.