What You Need To Know as a New Parent

Becoming a parent is a life-changing event. The news of a new family member is often welcomed with excitement, expectation, and uncertainty. You can read all the books and theories but never feel fully prepared. Parenthood doesn't have to be that complicated. Parents of multiple children will often say that it gets easier as they learn to relax. Here are a few pieces of advice people wish they had received right at the start of their parenting journey.

Sleep When the Baby Sleeps.

In all the tips for new parents you might get, sleeping when the baby sleeps often comes on the top of the list, and for a good reason. The first few months with your newborn can be exhausting. Chances are you won't sleep through the night for a while and see dishes and laundry accumulate. Don't stress about chores. Keep in mind that a good parent is a rested parent; so nap when your baby naps. The perfect cure for sleep deprivation is to rest, go ahead, and sleep as much as possible. 

Take Care of Yourself.

Don't forget to eat nutritious meals, take showers, or go on walks by yourself. Get some time alone when possible. It will help to have those moments to reset and get in tune with your emotional and physical health. Overall, spending time on your own is primordial for parenting success. Don't feel bad about asking for help from your partner, family, or friends. It takes a village. Communicating openly about your emotions is considered self-care as well. Having daily conversations with your partner or taking notes for yourself about your expectations for the day or what you feel like will help keep your life healthy and on track. 

Enjoy Every Moment.

They grow so fast, it is accurate, and people will tell you that a lot. Go slow and enjoy every minute. Every stage of babyhood is different, and your life will be affected in so many ways. Within the first twelve months of their life, your baby will learn to roll, crawl, walk, run, eat by themselves and even talk a little. Very fast, your tiny baby will look like a toddler and turn you into a toddler's parent. So please take a deep breath, slow down, and enjoy those early moments; they are not coming back. 

Read Books to Your Baby.

You will look forward to those intimate moments. There is nothing like bonding with your baby during quiet time over a book. Their little mind is growing every minute, and the sound of your voice is soothing. Introduce your baby to an array of emotions, patterns, vocabulary, and the joy of reading. Parents who read to their children as early as four months old are likely to continue the excellent habit later in the years to come.

Believe In Yourself.

Finally and most importantly, trust your guts. You will hear so many contradictive opinions from every corner. Hear them, be open and make your own opinion. What works for you and your family might not work for others, and it is ok. You know your child best, so trust yourself and trust your baby. Don't compare every milestone; every child is different, and milestones will be reached on their terms. Make peace with your new life, be kind to yourself and adjust your expectations. Accept that you are learning; there will be a lot of trials and errors. You have to keep trying, learning, laughing, and bonding. And, a few years later, when you look back, you won't remember the mess or the dirty laundry; you will remember the first smile, the first laugh, the first step, and the first word.