Why Do We Give Flowers As Gifts?

The art of gifting flowers is something that is often encouraged in every culture out there. A fresh bouquet of flowers has been a top choice for gifts for the past several centuries. And it is pretty easy to see actually why. Almost every occasion is considered to be appropriate for gifting flowers simply because they are the best things to brighten anyone’s day.


How you arrange these flowers, the colors you select, and the kind of bloom you give, all come together to express multiple messages. And it is great how messages actually differ from flower to flower. Moreover, ordering flowers is super easy! 


For instance, the recipient lives in Brighton. You just have to send flowers to Brighton - place the order online, and they will get delivered to the recipient’s doorsteps. 


But have you ever wondered why flowers are considered to be the most thoughtful gift out there? Let’s find out!

Flowers Are Considered To Be The Most Thoughtful Gift Out There: Here’s Why!

So, why are flowers considered to be a thoughtful gift? Why do we even gift people flowers? Why gifting flowers have been a treasured tradition for hundreds of years? 


Without wasting time, here’s why!

1. To Express Emotions:

Flowers share a mutual connection with emotions. Perhaps that is why these are known to be the biggest reason why people often look at the art of gifting flowers in connection with expressing feelings. Whether it's romance, apology, sympathy, appreciation, affection, joy, or love, gifting flowers communicates the deepest emotions in the most elegant way.


It is believed that there is no bigger tradition in the world than the art of giving and receiving flowers - plus, it is considered to be one of the most effective traditions. Moreover, there are decades and decades of research accompanied by culturally-inspired mythologies to back all this research up.


Depending on the kind of flowers, their shades, and how they can be arranged, you can actually determine the emotions that are being conveyed between the receiver and the giver. Generally, flowers are considered to be a symbol of love, admiration, and care. 


Obviously, these can be better distinguished or easily amplified to tailor or customize the gift in order to suit every occasion. 

2. To Inspire Visually:

Long after you gift someone flowers, people tend to remember the impact of the visual effect on the receiver. When flowers are used in interior decoration, they beautify every space they occupy. Even after the flowers die, drying ones can actually provide absolutely aesthetically pleasing results.


Flowers are absolutely notorious for lighting up any space. These definitely add to feelings of positivity and happiness, making these emotions last longer. If you add flowers to your home or workspace, it can enhance your productivity, clear your mind, and promote an environment that’s happy and healthy.


You can use flowers to add some color through both exterior and interior decoration. You can also use these as centerpieces - the purpose of adding flowers to your decor is all about inspiring creative minds visually.

3. Provides Immediate Happiness:

Perhaps, the best thing about receiving a bouquet of flowers is actually the immediate happiness you feel inside. We all love gifts, undoubtedly - but isn’t there something so warm, so cozy, and so intimate about receiving flowers as gifts?


And it’s not just receiving, but also the act of giving flowers that makes people equally happy. Flowers can light up everyone’s faces real quick - it’s the fastest method of giving someone joy. It’s so simple and barely takes any effort - but the impact? The impact, in this case, is a positive one and at least four times the effort.


It is this sense of instant happiness that fits well with the idea of gifting flowers on special occasions. While celebrating a special day like an anniversary, a birthday, or Father’s Day, for that matter, it is that ‘need’ for instant happiness that makes flowers such a worthwhile gift for all occasions.


And when you are happy, you are also positive. Flowers come with a superpower to make people less sad and lonely. This positivity is a game changer in terms of improving someone’s mood., especially when they are having a bad day.


Research shows that people actually feel relatively less depressed, agitated, and anxious after getting flowers. Naturally, it is no surprise that gifting flowers causes feelings of satisfaction and enjoyment.

4. Encourages Intimate Connection:

Since flowers are typically used for communicating certain emotions, they are also known to encourage intimacy between the sender and the recipient. When someone gets you flowers, you already know they have been thinking about you, especially when they do so on a bad day or on a random day when you are least expecting it.


In spite of that, if the flowers you get have been customized specifically to suit your tastes (favorite color, flower arrangement, or type), then it definitely shows that the sender had put in additional effort for you.


The whole point of gift-giving has literally always been about details. Naturally, gifting flowers is definitely not an exception - it’s the same. 


When someone takes the time and effort to remember your likes as well as dislikes while picking the perfect flowers for you, it shows that they care. This leads to the formation of intimacy, and if intimacy already exists, then that intimate bond simply deepens. As a result, flowers are, perhaps, the most meaningful gift for forming an intimate bond with someone.

5. Accessible And Convenient:

While gifting flowers is all about establishing intimacy and deepening existing bonds, these flowers are also about accessibility and convenience. Flowers are such a big personal touch, especially when you pay special attention to arrangement, type, and color. 


They also happen to be a pretty easy gift that you can get when you are not very sure of what to buy. In case you are not familiar with an individual’s likes but at the same time you feel like congratulating them or expressing gratitude, you can always send them flowers. 


You will just have to do some research before you can avoid sending a flower that might express the wrong message.

6. An Ultimate Surprise:

Flowers are a great gift for everyone, irrespective of their age - plus, these are perfect for any and every occasion, as well. Fortunately, there are so many flowers that you can gift - you can even choose to mix things up by going for a few different shades of the same breed or going for different breeds. 


It’s honestly the ultimate surprise. And it is one gift that has no risk of getting repeated - since there are so many flowers out there, you can never repeat your gift unless you forget what you sent the last time.


And as we were saying in the very beginning, you can easily order these to your doorstep with only a few clicks from the comfort of your room. Earlier, sending flowers to loved ones located far away was an impossibility since flowers don’t have a very long lifespan once plucked.


There is only one aspect that you need to remember - ensure that you are choosing a flower bouquet that can reflect immediate happiness without triggering any kind of allergy or sensitivity in the receiver.

7. Fits Everyone’s Budgets:

Now, this one is so true! Flowers are one of the most affordable gifts that you can give someone. We don’t think there is any better gift than flowers when you are in the middle of a budget restraint. And we are not just comparing flowers with other gifts - we are also going to compare buying flowers from a store and ordering them online.


As compared to the time when you had to visit a florist’s store to purchase flowers, things have become so much easier at the moment. You can order these online - the rates for ordering flowers online are relatively lower than the money you will have to pay if you decide to buy flowers from a store.


And it’s not like there are not enough options in terms of what flowers you want to send to someone or how well they will be arranged. If you do decide to order flowers online, you will come across various flower bouquets available at different prices. 


Naturally, everyone out there can afford to buy a bouquet that’s within their price range. Luckily, personalized flower bouquets online are sold at a very affordable price. Thus, sending flowers to your loved ones on their special day is definitely not an expensive affair. 

8. A Great Stress Buster:

Flowers are known to be a great mood changer since they have the ability to relieve stress. In fact, recent research says that more or less every flower has proven to be good at degrading a bad mood and improving mental health.


If you want to express kindness and show someone that they have your support, just send them a bouquet of their favorite flowers as a gift. It’s one of the best ways of expressing support and solidarity without showing much.


Nearly everyone turns happier whenever they get a stunning or even a simple floral arrangement from their loved ones. On the other side, it's great at bringing positivity into the lives of people. In such nonverbal situations, flowers are the best gifts for boosting the morale of the receiver and making them feel comfortable about the situation.

9. Everyone Loves Flowers:

When we say that everyone loves flowers, especially as gifts, think about it - don’t you think it’s a powerful statement? But it is absolutely true. Flowers can not only bring up precious memories right to the forefront but also can take you back in time - you just need the right scent and the right flower.


Moreover, receiving an elegant bouquet of fresh flowers can definitely transform a difficult time into one of the better days, if not the best. 


Just imagine - you are having a terrible day at work. You go out for lunch, only to come back to a bunch of fresh sunflowers kept nicely in a clear vase at your desk. How will you feel? It might not solve the problem you were facing, but at least it will make you feel better, reducing the gravity of the issues for some time.


Knowing there is someone out there who cares about you, regardless of your relationship with that person, can make things so much better, and that too in just a jiffy.

10. A Diverse Gift Option:

The last reason on our list is the diversity of flowers. Now, while giving a gift, what’s that one thing we keep prioritizing? Diversity - if your gift has zero diversity, it restricts creativity in one way. Most common gifts are not diverse. Only a handful of gifts possess diversity.


Since there are countless variations and species of flowers to select from, flowers are one of the most diverse gift options in the world. 


While most cultures across the globe relate red roses with the many facets of love, don’t forget there are other flowers that also stand for love, like orchids and tulips. 


Understanding the meaning and origin of someone’s favorite kind of flowers can actually help you to express the right message. Just like a single photograph is worth a hundred words, so is a whole bouquet of flowers.

And It’s A Wrap!

There are so many reasons why flowers are considered to be a great gift - these are affordable, convenient, accessible, and, more importantly, visually pleasing. Moreover, it shows that the sender is actually putting lots of extra effort just to get people close to them flowers. Also, accessibility and affordability are not the only things that make flowers so popular as gifts.


Flowers can make you instantly happy, help you work on intimacy, and relieve you from stress. But what do you think about gifting flowers to people on their special days? Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, and memories in the comments below.