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  1. Teething Babies and Hazards to Look For

    Teething Babies and Hazards to Look For

    What a baby eats on a normal day is important. Just as important: whatever else they get their hands on, that ends up in their mouth. Teething babies are keen to grab any and everything they can grab and it’s no surprise that sometimes, those items may be a little less than ideal. As you look around your house for dangerous baby items here are some hazards to look for, even in baby teethers, to help decide what products you should keep out of sight or keep on the shelf at the supermarket.

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  2. Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe While Ride Sharing

    Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe While Ride Sharing

    Safety should always be a central point in a rideshare. If you don’t have a car or you are not in a position to drive, rideshare services are a good option. However, you have the role of confirming your safety since rideshare drivers are not under rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber. They are independent entities, which means anything that happens during the ride is solely between you and the driver. As a parent, traveling with your kids means being extra careful. You have a huge role in confirming their safety, more than you do when traveling in your own car. In that case, this article has compiled several tips to help you ensure your kids’ safety while ridesharing.

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  3. Car Safety Tips for New Parents

    Car Safety Tips for New Parents

    Being a parent is a hard job, and there are so many things one has to think about when it comes to the child’s safety. From baby-proofing your home to removing all small objects out of their sight, the list is very long. Having the baby in the car has a large number of risks, but you can minimize them by incorporating a couple of easy tips and tricks before putting the child in the car. These car safety tips for new parents are affordable, quick, and can make all the difference. So read all about them and how they can prevent dangerous situations during everyday car rides.

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  4. Teaching Your Children Emergency Safety

    Teaching Your Children Emergency Safety

    Teaching kids how to respond to a fire, medical emergency or natural disaster may seem scary, but it's necessary. Even preschoolers need to learn how to recognize an emergency and respond appropriately. With the right approach and a little patience, even the youngest kid can gain the confidence needed to manage an emergency. These tips will help you teach your child the important lessons of home and personal safety.

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  5. How Room-Sharing Affects Your Baby's Sleep | Woombie

    How Room-Sharing Affects Your Baby's Sleep | Woombie

    As a parent, you are probably used to doing what's best for your baby. After all, not only do you want it to be healthy and grow up happy and strong, but you also want to be able to enjoy those precious first few months of parenting with minimal stress and anxiety. One common question that many parents face is whether or not they should have their baby in the same room as them. Some experts say it's necessary for safety reasons. Others say it can even help with your baby’s sleep if they're close by rather than sleeping alone in another part of the house. So, what's right for your family? Let’s see some benefits of sharing a room with your newborn.

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  6. Teaching Internet Safety to Kids

    Teaching Internet Safety to Kids

    When dealing with children, there is a constant struggle between trying to keep them safe while also allowing them the freedom to explore and learn about themselves and the world. This has always been a challenge, but it's become even more difficult thanks to the internet. Kids have access to more information than they've ever had before, and this exposes them to a whole new set of risks.

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  7. How to Teach Your Baby to Swim at 6-12 Months Old | Woombie

    How to Teach Your Baby to Swim at 6-12 Months Old | Woombie

    Teaching your baby how to swim at an early age can save their lives. Since pool water has a similar environment to your womb, they developed this instinctive skill to swim. But unfortunately, babies can lose this natural gift if parents don't allow them to relearn it.

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  8. How Backyard Pools Benefits Both Children and Adults

    How Backyard Pools Benefits Both Children and Adults

    When you are considering a backyard pool for your home, it is important to consider all of the benefits for the entire family. Both children, and this includes young children and teenagers, and adults have a lot at stake when it comes to deciding to have a swimming area right on the premises. After all, there is some work to be done with a pool, and then of course there are the hours of fun associated with a backyard pool. Here are some expected and perhaps surprising advantages of a family pool.

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  9. Teach Your Child Safe Browsing Techniques | Woombie

    Teach Your Child Safe Browsing Techniques | Woombie

    These days, children are accessing the internet in ever-increasing numbers. 80% of parents of children between ages 5 and 11 report that their child uses a computer or tablet. Kids and teens spend an estimated 44.5 hours weekly using digital media of some type. Nearly a quarter of kids and teens report a belief that they are addicted to video games. Clearly, there is a need for parents to work with their children to establish procedures and rules for safe internet usage in this age of increased screen time. By following these guidelines, parents can help their kids to navigate the internet safely.

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  10. Guide for Keeping Kids Happy Inside a Car | Woombie

    Guide for Keeping Kids Happy Inside a Car | Woombie

    Did you know that having children screaming in a moving car is more dangerous than using a cell phone while driving?

    This was the conclusion of a study done by researchers from Australia’s Monash University. The researchers established that children are a dozen times more distracting to a driver than using a mobile phone while in control of a moving vehicle.

    Such conclusions lead to an important question. Are parents better off allowing more than usual screen time to keep children busy and less distracting inside a car? 

    This is the question we attempt to answer in this article. We start by defining screen time and scream time. We then focus on the effects of screen time on children. Finally, we provide some tips on how you can take advantage of screen time to keep children happy when taking a road trip.


    What is Screen Time?

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